Discerning the Spirit

When you have the Spirit

  1. You feel happy, calm
  2. You feel full of light
  3. Your mind is clear
  4. Your bosom burns with love for the Lord and others
  5. You feel generous
  6. No one can offend you
  7. You are forgiving and kind
  8. You feel confidant in what you do
  9. You don’t mind anyone seeing what you are doing
  10. You feel outgoing, anxious to be with others, especially family
  11. You are glad when others succeed
  12. You want to make others happy, even those who oppose you
  13. You bring out the best and say the best about others
  14. You gladly, willingly perform Church work
  15. You feel like praying and reading the scriptures
  16. You wish you could keep all the Lord’s commandments
  17. You feel you have control of your appetites and emotions; food and sleep in moderation, sexual restraint, recreation that is wholesome and moderate; you are calm and control your speech; you feel no anger.
  18. You feel a deep desire to help others – usually in a way no one else will know about.
  19. You feel only good about others; feel sorrow when they have problems and sincerely desire to help them.
  20. You realize that your thoughts and actions are open to God.

When you do not have the Spirit or when Satan is prompting you

  1. You feel unhappy, depressed, confused, frustrated
  2. You feel heavy, full of darkness
  3. Your mind is muddled
  4. You feel empty, hollow, cold inside
  5. You feel selfish, possessive, self-centered
  6. Everything anyone does bothers you
  7. You are always on the defensive
  8. You become easily discouraged
  9. You become secretive, evasive
  10. You want to be along and avoid others; especially family members
  11. You are envious of what others do and what they have
  12. You want to get even and show others up
  13. You are critical of others, especially family members and those in authority
  14. You feel hesitant, unworthy, unwilling to perform Church ordinances
  15. You don’t want to pray or read the scriptures
  16. You find the commandments of God and rules of the family bothersome, restricting or senseless
  17. You become a slave to your appetites; your emotions become passionate; over-indulgence in food, sleep, sex, stimulating entertainment, loud music, strong anger, outspokenness all become part of your character
  18. You want to make sure all the help you give others is duly noted by them and the world
  19. You look for and find evil in others and broadcast it; question their motives and secretly delight in their problems and say “I’m glad I’m not that way”
  20. You feel that what you do and think is only your business and no one else knows or cares


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