Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Waterfall Concept: a Book Review

I want to post a plug for my good friend Roger Stark, author of The Waterfall Concept: a blueprint for addiction recovery.  He was gracious enough to send me a copy to review and, wow, am I one lucky girl.

This book is a must have in any recovering addicts library.  It combines Roger's personal experience, both as an addict and an Addiction Counselor, personal experiences of others, and plenty of relatable analogies.

Roger's writing style is both smooth and easily understandable.  He combines strong recovery principles speckled with hopeful Gospel truths, paving a very clear path toward deliverance.

A brief tidbit (The Waterfall Concept: A blueprint for addiction Recovery p. 86):
Serenity is the change in our lives that tells us that our recovery work has not been in vain.  Sometimes it is easier to describe what serenity is not.  When we are in our addiction, our lives have a chaotic feel, and we might experience torment, despair, loss of control, fear, anger, self-hatred, frustration, disappointment, isolation, selfishness, loneliness, anxiety or depression.  Serenity is the absence of those emotions and manifests as that sweet, calming influence, that gentle, kind spirit, that profound feeling of peace and comfort, the knowledge that all is well, the very feeling of the pure love of Christ, directed by Him, to us.
Isn't that beautiful?  I seriously can't wait to read it again.

You can purchase his book and read more about Roger at his website, here.
You can also purchase it on Amazon, here.

Happy reading!

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