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  1. I found your blog and am writing a research paper on sexual addiction and would you be willing to give me some insight. the reason i ask this is because someone i love is dealing with the same addiction which they dont want to be cited and for my class i need to speak with someone that is a professional or someone who deals with it that i can cite as a reference.
    would you please email me

  2. What will the bishop do when I come to him and confess my past of reading pornographic material and purposely arousing myself/"masturbating" with clothes on even though I've been clean for months and thought I'd already fully repented? (Until I read the New Era today--it said reading porn/arousing yourself counted as violating the law of chastity. that's why I think I need to see the bishop.)
    I now have no desire to repeat that past at all and I thought I had repented and I felt better about things except for some uneasiness when thinking about it. But I was never truly addicted; I just think I should tell the bishop? but I'm concerned about what will happen...will I have to stop taking the sacrament? I honestly have no idea what will happen, and I'm wondering what will... thanks.

    1. You are awesome:-)

      Yes, I think it would be wise to see the bishop. In working the 12 steps, in step 5, we are counseled to make sure our slates are clean with our Priesthood leaders. When I worked my step 5 and told my Bishop things I'd never told him, things I had told him but hadn't been completely accountable (blamed others) and things I'd told him but had only told half truths... either on purpose or not.

      So yes, go see your bishop. You will feel free and clean afterward.

      I can't speak for your bishop, but I suspect nothing will happen. Especially since you are taking your repentance into your own hands. When we go in and see our bishop's they are just so happy to see us relying on the Atonement our Savior has given us. They are happy to see us growing and learning. They are happy to see us using our gift of agency to repent and become clean.

      So I wouldn't worry. The block is probably embarrassment.. and that is a real feeling. Validate it, but don't let it own you.

      Let me know if I can be of further help!

      Good luck!

  3. Sidreis, You are an inspiration :) Thank you for putting yourself out there.


  4. Hi,

    I have came across your site and I am wondering whether you have any advertising available? If so please will you provide me with the pricing and terms for your advertising?
    Hope to hear back from you soon.



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