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Hi, I'm a Mormon and I love Christian Rock

Weird title right? 
Let me first acknowledge that we (Mormons) have been asked by church leadership to no longer refer to ourselves as 'Mormon', but instead as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, in an effort to clarify that we are followers of Christ, but for this post I'm going with 'Mormon' because that's how most of the rest of the world knows us.
This is going to be a vulnerable post. Most of my blog posts are directed at a specific audience; female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who struggle with a sexual addiction. Anyone else touched by my posts are just a bonus, but my target audience has always been the same.
This time is a bit different for I'm going to share some deeply rooted fixed beliefs and fears I have about other Christian religions because most of my interactions with them have been negative; riddled with comparison and judgment.
My first real interaction came when I was about 20. I was working at a Station…

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