I Don't Have a Testimony of the Book of Mormon

A couple of Sunday's ago, my husband told me that the lesson taught in Elders Quorum was on the Book of Mormon; specifically, the importance of having a testimony of it.

I found this odd...

When I think about my testimony, I don't think about the Book of Mormon, ever.

Fast forward to this past Sunday in Relief Society where the lesson was also on the importance of having a sure testimony of the Book of Mormon. Ironic, I thought. But any irony soon turned to purpose.

The moment when the instructor asked the class to share how, or when, we gained our testimonies of the Book of Mormon was the very moment I realized I didn't have one.

Odd, right?

I mean, I think about my Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom the bulk of my testimony is founded. And I think about tithing, I have a sure testimony of that. I also think about Visiting Teaching, because I have witnessed countless miracles as a visiting teacher, and also by being visit taught. I have a testimony of many aspects of the Gospel, but just not of the Book of Mormon.

Now to clarify a bit...

I do believe the Book of Mormon is true. I mean, I have never doubted its origin and authenticity, or questioned its teachings. But in the end, I have never actually received a full-on, bonafide burning witness of it.

Granted, I have never actually sought one either. A witness of it, that is.

So I went home with a burning desire in my heart; a desire to receive a personal witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

I am a seeker of knowledge.
My desire is righteous.
... and
I am confident that the Lord will answer.

... to be continued ...


  1. :) This makes me smile. One thing I can say, is that I think a lot of us have varying testimonies of different aspects of the gospel. I think it's great! And here's the but.......I think more people need to have perhaps less testimony of the gospel, and more testimony of Christ. That's what I love about you so much.....When I think of what I've seen (heard) of your testimony, it's all about the Savior. I love to hear testify of Him. He will fill in all the rest of the gaps. :) He will give you what you desire. I didn't share this in class, but, a number of years ago, I too, realized I'd never had that witness of the BOM. I didn't doubt, I'd declared its truth, I just never felt the burning. So, I sought it out one day. I was reading and praying, and asked to know for myself.....I was told "You already know it's true, you've known all along". I thought back, and realized, that yes, that was correct. After I had that realization, then I got the "burning". I hope you receive the witness you desire. And thanks, for your testimony!

    1. Thanks lady - hah! I have no doubt you were meant to teach that lesson. And, I really appreciate your comment on the "You already know it's true"... I can relate to that, because I think I do... I just don't have the burning yet:-)

  2. I love how honesty opens the door to more truth and revelation. I can't get enough of it! Thank you for being so open and real.

    1. Thanks! It's not exactly comfortable at times, but like you said, it opens the doors to bigger and much better things!


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