Call for Input: Codependency in Addiction

Hi Folks! I know I know, long time no hear. Life has been so incredibly busy these past couple months. We moved out of our place in Orem, Utah and then I spent the next month gallivanting around the Western United States with my kids visiting friends and family. And then, when we finally returned, we promptly moved to Price, Utah.

I'll blog more about the move and my emotions that have manifested since being here, but for now, I have a specific request.

We are currently writing a section on codependency for the Healing Through Christ Sexual Addiction Workbook, and we are looking for shares regarding codependency in addiction.

So I ask those who struggle with addiction:

What codependent behavior have your recognized in yourself since starting recovery?
How has your codependency manifested?
Who has it manifested with?
Who/what have you tried to control?
Who/what have you blamed your addiction on?
How have you played the victim card?

Feel free to answer what you relates to you and what you feel comfortable with. And thank you in advance to your contribution to the Healing Through Christ manual that is being written for those trapped in sexual addiction!


  1. I know I've blamed my addiction on my parents and on society because of my naivety—I was in fifth grade when it all began and I really didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know it was wrong. So I've tried to place the blame elsewhere even though I know it's not fair to do so.

  2. I've been sober for 9 years, and I am slowly asserting myself. I strugged with codependency, but through my trust in the Lord, conducting service, and having a testimony helped me. Of course, many positive aspects of being involved with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, such as having a calling (which I never thought I would have) tremendously assisted with my confidence level by speaking in front of the past few years, I've been a Relief Society President, 1st and 2nd Councilor, Young Women President, and Addiction Recovery Facilitator, not to mention Family Search-a huge one for helping others for eternity!


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