Call for Input: LDS Women Who've Experienced Childhood Sexual Trauma

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A dear friend of mine, Jessica Mockett, creator and director of The Heart of the Matter, is endeavoring to open a residential treatment center and boarding school for helping LDS young women who have been sexually traumatized or abused. She is looking for your stories! Please feel free to contribute by emailing Jessica at the address shown at the bottom of her letter.

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I am very seriously pursuing the creation of a non-profit residential recovery home and boarding school for LDS girls ages 8-14 who have been sexually traumatized or abused. It’s a beautiful plan, full of amazing approaches to finding healing and developing tools for dealing with this trauma for the rest of life. I hope the endeavor will be blessed by God and become a reality soon.

Recently, I got a response from someone I’m networking with that he didn’t know anyone in the LDS community who personally struggled with this in their lives or in the lives of their children. I think it very likely I’ll run into this many times as I journey down this path. These stories are so often kept quiet in our community and you know me – I like to shine lights into the dark corners so that people can find a way to hope and healing.

I had a thought tonight that it might be good to gather several personal stories from LDS women who’ve experienced any sort of sexual abuse and trauma in their lives as a young girl or teen. This could be molestation, rape, being trafficked, coerced or forced into creating pornography, being bullied sexually by peers, becoming addicted to pornography, etc.

What I am hoping to have on hand from each of you willing to share is a brief understanding of the trauma you experienced, how that trauma was addressed by your parents (or if they knew about it at all), how growing up in the church impacted your feelings on your trauma, what lifelong struggles have you dealt with that you feel pinpoint back to that trauma, do you think there is value in helping girls as soon as possible after the trauma to learn to understand and cope with what they experienced, and what impact you think my program may have for good.

Not much to ask right? Bare your souls and heartaches? When I use these stories for helping me gain support I will respect your choice of being anonymous, changing your name, only using a first name, or your full name – whatever works for you.

Hope it feels right to help me with this.

Tenderly and respectfully, 



  1. This is a very noble cause, helping those who perhaps will never be able to utter the ugliness they have been hiding because of a menacing past. I hope you can nether enough support to carry it on

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