The Rescue

Once was lost, a daughter of God,
Wandering down a long path.
To a dark, scary and lonely place,
Where she didn’t know how to get back.

The darkness beckoned and called to her,
Promising comfort and fun.
But once she partook of the forbidden fruit,
She was left feeling empty and numb.

Help she knew she needed,
But too ashamed to pray.
She stumbled around on broken limbs,
Wandering aimless day by day.

Bound by shadows in the dark one’s lair,
Where tempests unceasingly tossed.
She’d given up hope of freedom,
And felt eternally lost.

Then at the point of utter abandon,
To the grasp of the dark one’s grip.
She saw a small glimmer of light in the distance,
And the glow of hope was lit.

But the dark one would not have this light in his lair,
That threatened to release his grasp.
For he’d worked with fury to ensnare her soul,
And would not let her go so fast.

He knew, however, that the light was Grace,
And he had aught fortune to test.
So rather than battle Grace head on,
He did what he’d mastered best.

“Let the seduction begin” he thought,
As he moved in close to his prey.
And in her ear he began to whisper,
“Grace cannot save you today.”

It was at this very moment,
She became keenly aware,
Of every sinful stain upon her,
Her every disgrace did glare.

She looked again in the distance,
As fearful curiosity consumed her.
She observed the distant beautiful radiance,
Filling the dark and inky sphere.

“What is this?” she thought as the light grew closer,
“Is it really who I think it might be?”
“My Savior clothed in all His Glory,
Come down here to rescue me?”

She looked to the dark one she’d known so long,
For an answer to her query.
But instead of finding refuge there,
She discerned hate and fury.

She quickly realized how bound she was,
By the dark ones sticky grip.
She felt suffocated and smothered,
Emotionally and spiritually stripped.

She longed for the touch of Grace’s light,
To be welcomed into His presence.
So she looked toward Him and took one step,
Regardless of the consequences.

She faced the fear within her soul,
That she would be rejected.
But when His glow of light touched her,
She instead felt protected.

She approached Him with timid steps,
Expecting to beg and plead,
For acceptance back in to His fold,
Submissive, on bended knee.

As she began to kneel before Him,
And petition for her place,
She felt His arms wrap ‘round her,
Enveloped in His embrace.

And as He gently spoke her name,
Her despair began to melt.
Her Spirit soared with recognition,
His love for her she felt.
“My dear Sister, I have missed you,
From the moment you went away.
I have been searching everywhere,
Every mountain, canyon and pathway.”

So tender were His words to her,
So tender was His care.
No hint of accusatory reprimand,
Only deep concern for her welfare.

He knelt before her and looked in her eyes,
Asking: “May I tend to your pain?”
Embarrassed she shied away from Him,
Afraid to show her stains.

“I am the great physician,” He said,
“Please do not be afraid.”
“I want to heal you whole again,”
“I can, with the price I have paid.”

As she listened to His promise,
She believed every word He said,
And surrendered to His graciousness,
And allowed His healing to spread.

The dark one stood idly by,
As he watched her Savior heal,
She who he’d worked so hard to enslave,
She who he’d worked to steal.

But he knew he had no power,
Over the Lord the Almighty Omniscient.
So he stood in his own shadows,
Impotent... and silent.

With the dark one’s whispers choked,
And her wounds tended and wrapped,
She was free to rise up again,
She was no longer trapped.

She looked to her Savior inquisitively,
And asked Him: “Which way do I go?”
He gently reached for her hand,
And guided her to and fro.
Her journey was wrought with hardship,
Roadblocks appeared with ease.
But with her Savior at her side,
Impossibilities began to cease.

She was not perfect in her trials,
At times she would stumble and trip.
But always He was there with her,
And never would she quit.

She is eternally grateful,
to Her Brother, her Lord, her King.
For His perfect love for her,
For the rescue He did bring.

The price He paid for her was high,
To save her helpless soul.
But one thing only He asks in return,
To love Him, pure, and whole.

This she does wholeheartedly,
With bravery, heart and vigor.
To keep sight of Him and always follow,
And return with Him to Father.

Written By: Sidreis Keller Agla 


  1. This is freakin awesome! I love you to pieces:-)

  2. You are a very talented lady... this verse is tremendously from within and so well written. I feel blessed to be a part of your family although many many times removed. *hugs*


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