God Ordained Marital Intimacy vs. Worldly Sex

God-Ordained Marital Intimacy
Worldly Sex
Helps put off the natural manAccommodates the "natural man"
Under the influence of the SpiritUnder the influence of the world and the adversary
Involved Spirit-enhanced passionsInvolves carnal, sensual, devilish passions
Soulful union is the goalSexual union is the goal
Involves a husband and a wifeInvolves all permutations and combinations of men, women, and even children
Sanctioned following legal and lawful marriageOkay anytime
Blessed by the LordVery politically correct
Fun and exciting, joyful, delightful, comforting, loving, calming and sustainingFun and exciting momentarily, demoralizing and depressing later
Generates loveKills love
Enlightens and enlivens spiritsDarkens spirits
Prayer, fasting, scripture reading and gratitude are often involvedAlcohol and drugs are often involved
Strengthens relationshipsRuins relationships
Honors men and womenDegrades men and women
The body is the great prize of mortal lifeThe body is a play thing
The greater the union of lives, the greater the intimate experienceNo union of lives, only bodies
Embedded in truthsFilled with lies
Brings forth loving desires that fulfillStirs up lustful desires that are never satisfied
A grand and glorious experience that will continue eternally for covenant-keeping couplesA total obsession: men and women wish they could have sex forever
Unites the bodies and the spirits of a husband and wifeInvolves any two bodies
Involves anything that bring spouses' spirits life and invites the SpiritInvolves any and all forms of sexual gratification
Exquisite care taken that activities don't offend the SpiritIt if "turns you on," go for it!
Involves pure and natural passionsInvolves impure and unnatural passions
Spouses feel more like a couple, more lived, more appreciated, and more cared for followingIndividuals feel used, abused, more lonely after
Supports, heals and hallows livesRavages and eventually ruins lives
Personal revelation encouragedExperimentation encourages
Is partaken ofIs participated in
Private and sacredSeen and discussed everywhere
Brings you wisdom, light and loveDulls your senses and sensibilities
A processA product
Unites spouses and is built on unitySeparates individuals
Invites other loving, caring and supportive behaviors outside the bedroomNot related to what happens outside the bedroom
Sacred language usedFoul language used
Rejoiced inJoked about
Keeps commandments and covenantsBreaks commandments and covenants
Increases the ability to keep and honor all commandments and covenantsIncreases the likelihood of breaking other commandments and covenants
Is commanded and commended by the LordIs rejected by the Lord
Is the foundation of endless worldsSupports an entire commercial industry


  1. After about the first 5 of the worldly side i stopped reading. I read and loved the married side. Thanks for posting!

  2. I feel like I've read this before. What's the source?

    1. Not sure. It was in a package of stuff my Bishop gave me.

  3. Here's the original source, I think.


  4. Above all, the relation based on strong sexual instinct can never be torn apart. The bonding is too strong to be separated. The herbs in the earth are waiting for you. Just pick the one that will speak for you.
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