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Dear Readers:

I recently published a blog posted titled Whisperings of the Adversary.  In this post I list many of the adversary's lies that I have at one time believed throughout my recovery but have come to recognize for what they are; false.

After publication of this post I had someone express that they still hear lies themselves and have a hard time deciphering what is truth and what is a false.  They also requested that I counter each lie with it's truth.  I absolutely love this idea!  

I am busy working on listing the truth for each lie I listed but I would also like to request your input.  As I stated in my original blog post the lies we hear are very individual and personal.  It would seem somewhat pointless to only list the truths to the lies I hear when others are bombarded with different lies.  

So I'm asking you to send me the lies that you hear.  Whether they are current or past lies or whether or not you still believe them or not doesn't matter; I'm solely interested in what the lie is/was.

You can send your list(s) to bythelightofgrace (at) gmail (dot) com or you can simply reply with a comment to this post.

I will be doing my best to counter each lie with scripture and words from our leaders.  I have also had a prayer in my heart as I have started compiling information that the Lord will guide me to the countered truth for each lie.  I want the answers listed to come from Him.  

I appreciate each of you and your willingness to help with this endeavor.  Your willingness to share your personal tangles with the adversary is in essence working Step 12: Having  had a spiritual awakening as a result of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, share this message with others and practice these principles in all you do.  No names will be listed, but your willingness to offer your insight will in turn help others untangle the personal webs of deception the adversary has them trapped in.

Also - you don't necessarily need to struggle with sexual addiction, or any addiction really, to participate.  The adversary lies to all of us and so each one of us has something to offer here.

I love and appreciate each one of you.

I sincerely thank you!!



  1. If you do X instead of Y, its not as bad and you don't have to tell your bishop about it.

    Its okay to be alone late at night with this guy.

    If you tell your husband this, it will get you what you want.

    Just lie, you won't get in trouble.

    You'll never be a mom because you want it too bad and God wants you to be more humble.

    I don't act out the same way as everyone else so its not as bad.

    You'll be alone in the celestial kingdom even if you work hard.

    1. Thank you for these, they're excellent! Getting to work on this post soon!

  2. For me, the biggest lie I have been hearing has to do with the fact that "change is impossible." That people are how they are and CAN never really change. That ONE choice completely makes a person. That one bad choice cancels out all of the good you do or all of the good you desire to do.

    It is just absolutely not TRUE. Maybe on our OWN we can't change. But ALL things are possible with God.

    1. Good point there. And you're right. That is a lie I have often heard - and still do at times. Thanks!


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