Journal: Twitter (again), Counseling Services and Humility

Well, Twitter didn't last long.  I deactivated it after using it for about a week.  A couple of things led to my decision.  First, I felt it sucking my soul.  The need to post and constantly check to see if I had new followers and scout out who was following me and wondering what I could do to get new followers simply began to swallow me whole.  It began to consume more of my time and energy than I was willing to allow.  Plus, my original agenda when creating it (reach a wider audience and help others who might be struggling) got lost in the popularity contest.  I found myself wondering how others got so many followers and the desire to find out how to be like them grew hotter and hotter.  

Second, I felt super exposed.  I still don't completely understand why since my blog is public and I'm pretty open about my addiction/recovery.  I'm not sure exactly where that feeling came from, I just know it wasn't a good feeling.  So in the end, I just deactivate Twitter and I have no plans to reactivate it.


There have been some inquiries regarding whether or not I will be listing/promoting counseling services on my blog.  I have been chewing on this notion for quite some time.  I know that counseling can be a very useful tool and I wouldn't want to deny anyone resources that could potentially help them along their journey but in the end I have decided not to promote counseling services on my blog.  
Please allow me explain why...

I won't be listing these services on my blog simply because I don’t have a personal testimony of counseling being helpful in my own recovery process.  I myself spent seven years in counseling prior to finding recovery and found no solution for my addiction.  It wasn't until I found the LDS Addiction Recovery Program and sank myself into working the steps that I found my recovery.  

I don't want to promote counseling services on my blog if I have no idea if they work or not.  All of them make claims of awesome healing and recovery.  Some of them even guarantee to cure sexual addiction and even some others promise 100% success rates.  As much as I would love to believe these claims, I just don't have any way of knowing.

My blog is titled “By the Light of Grace” because I myself found my recovery through my Savior, who is Grace.  It was by Him that I finally found light.  My blog is my personal testimony of the journey I have taken and what I have learned thus far (and continue to learn) from my own personal recovery process. 

I found my recovery through relying on my Savior by way of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program which taught me how to utilize and rely on the Atonement of my Savior, to rescue and heal me.  All for free.  That is what my blog testifies of and I feel that it is important that I stay true to that approach.


As you all know I had a mini freak out last week.  The disaster state of my house turned into a monumental obstacle and I let it get the best of me.  I'd like to report that I finally swallowed my pride and invited someone in to help me clean.  We only did the kitchen and it took three hours haha.  But it felt SOOO good to get that done.  It's sparkly now.  There are a few others that offered to help that I plan to call on to just help me complete projects here and there.  The kitchen was my monster so now that it is complete I feel more motivated to keep moving through other projects.


  1. I have a twitter but I never ever check it. Mostly I don't really get how it works still. I don't know how many followers I have or how people find me. But I found a way to rig my blog so that every time I post something, my twitter will send out a tweet for my post automatically and I don't even have to do anything. I don't remember the last time I actually checked my twitter. But I understand getting super sucked into things. Good for you!!

    I respect your decision about not promoting counselors. I like your blog as is. A lot. There are plenty other places people can go to find counseling if they feel inclined.

    Yay for accepting help to clean! Good job, Sidreis. :) I'm glad.



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