This... is Why We Rally

I sometimes sift through the most viewed videos on YouTube to see what's hot and happening.  Most videos I skip over just because I can tell they wouldn't be good for me but some are worth watching.

This morning I started the below video but quickly turned it off.  I couldn't stomach watching what was happening and my anxiety level went through the roof.  But something told me to start it up again and keep watching.  As I did I witnessed a miracle of epic proportions unfold.  I saw a  number of what normally would be victims rally together to save one of their own.  Some of them even stepped into the territory of courage and bravery and stood up to those who would normally bully them, tear them down, hunt them, isolate them and ultimately destroy them.  

By the end of the video I was sitting straight up on my bed yelling "YES!!!" while my two year old stared at me like I was a crazy person.  But it was worth it.  All was not lost.  The young, the weak and the seemingly hopeless was rescued.  All because its friends and family rallied together to fight.  They did not cowardly run away.  They did not give up.  They formed and held the line and found strength in numbers.  

Such an inspiring video..... 


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