Tapping Into Our God-Given Supah Powah's!

Did you know that we all have super powers?  I didn't for a very long time but a few years ago mine were revealed to me.  It was an awesome and very powerful discovery.  

It started when I was asked as part of my 30-in-30 to inventory my Christlike attributes.  I thought for sure I'd be able to list a bunch.  After all, I'd had a lot of practice being prideful and thinking how awesome I was.    But I turned out to be wrong.  Listing my Christlike attributes was hard.  I felt guilty for even trying to think of good qualities in myself, as if it was prideful to think of myself in a positive light.  I'd hit a mental block and I seriously couldn't think of anything to write.  

I didn't realize it at the time, but Satan was working hard to blur my vision of who I really was.  It stands to reason that he in no way wanted me to see that I possessed beautiful Christlike qualities or that I in any way magnified qualities of my Savior.  No, he wanted me completely blind to that knowledge.

Fortunately, I had an awesome sponsor who when I expressed these concerns shared that working a Christlike inventory actually helps us to see and accept ourselves with increased compassion and love.  

I chewed on that a bit and as I pondered and prayed the following revelation unfolded...   

Quoting my own journal written January 2010:
What is the 2nd Great commandment?  To love thy neighbor as thyself.  Not love thy neighbor more than thyself.  I strive everyday to serve people around me, to love them, to have compassion for them, to be patient with them and understanding.  I put their needs above my own.  In this commandment, we are told to do the same for ourselves, and to do it first.  This inventory will help me with this; to be able to see myself as a good person, as an innately good person, not just a good person in the last year.  I truly believe that as I ask for and gain a testimony of my Christlike attributes that they will be revealed to me and will strengthen my sense of self worth.  I will gain a stronger understanding of God’s love for me and be able to see myself as He sees me.  My worth is a precious gift from God.  Working a Christlike attribute inventory will help me reshape any distortions I have about myself.  Still it is difficult to actually write good things about myself.  I mean, I don't want to just list descriptive words about myself.  So I have been thinking – knowing these Christ like attributes are gifts from God, and that they have been given to me for specific purposes, I decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to impress upon me what those purposes actually are.  So instead of writing my inventory as a list of “I am” characteristics, I am going to preface each of them with “God gave me the gift of...” because they really are all gifts.  I am also praying to know what God would have me do with the Christlike attributes He has given me.  If He gave them to me, there must be a purpose in which I am to use them.  
It was at the moment that I prayed for my Christlike attributes to be revealed to me for the soul purpose of wanting to know what the Lord wanted me to do with them; for what purpose He gave them to me, that my mind was opened and the Lord revealed to me who I really am.

Keep in mind that the following attributes revealed to me didn't necessarily reflect how I felt about myself at the time.  I was still very early in recovery, scared, timid, hopeless at times and struggling to maintain my sobriety.  I wasn't a secure rock in recovery or the Gospel.  I was just a girl, a girl who wanted to be better... and the Lord showed me how I could.  He showed me how He saw me...

The following, written January 2010,  are my God given supah powah's revealed!:
  1. God has given me the gift of gratitude, that I may have a soft heart and be grateful for everything He has given me.  When I am grateful, all glory is His, and I am constantly in a state of humility.
  2. God has given me the gift of compassion so that I may be able to relate to other's struggles and trials, and be able to tenderly, lovingly and patiently offer support to them.
  3. God has given me the gift of strength so that I may endure to the end, be an example and a support to my family, as well as others.
  4. God has given me the gift of love that I may be able to love everyone of any age and any walk of life.
  5. God has given me the gift of being trustworthy so that people will feel confident with me and know they have a safe place to express themselves freely.
  6. God has given me the gift of loyalty so that I may cherish the wonderful relationships with friends and family throughout life, that I may love and cherish them and keep them dear to my heart.
  7. God has given me the gift of humility.  As I grow closer to him, the more I invite and welcome humility into my life.  It wasn’t always this way, but it is now a state of mind that I strive for, everyday.
  8. God has given me the gift of finding joy, in myself and in others.  I find that he has also given me the gift of laughter and that laughter goes a long with joy.  I can laugh and find joy with anyone.  I believe laughter and joy are universal languages and can soften even the hardest of times.
  9. God has given me the gift of resilience.  I have always been one to bounce back from hard times.  The closer I grow to God and surrender to Him, the faster and more frequently I bounce back.  Resilience to me is a type of spiritual armor.  Even the word ‘resilient’ has a powerful ring to it.
  10. God has given me the gift of intuition.  This is a very clear and strong gift that he has given me.  I can read people and know how they are feeling, what mood they are in, and their energy without them even speaking.  Somehow, I can feel what they are feeling and immediately be in tune with what they may need.
  11. God has given me the gift of being fearless.  This gift I am especially grateful for as it allows me to step out of comfort zones I would normally stay in.  As an addict I am all about staying where I feel safe and away from any situation that may make me want to numb myself.  But, because I have been granted this gift, it is much easier for me to dive in and trust Him.
  12. God has given me the gift of emotion.  I feel things on a very deep level.  When I feel sad, it is great sadness, and when I feel happy I am overjoyed and my heart bursts.  When I am angry, I go red, but when I am filled with the Spirit my heart soars.  I often get down on myself for being so quick to anger, but I  focus now more on the other end of that spectrum, because as I am quick to anger, I am also just as quick to happiness and the closer I grow to God, the less anger I find myself experiencing.
  13. God has given me the gift of being spiritual and being able to feel the Spirit deeply, and letting it move me and work within me.  To not be resistant to it.  To let it teach me, and help me help others.
  14. God has given me the gift of being a good listener.  I listen attentively to what others say, I look at them, I make eye contact with them, I repeat back what they say with words of affirmation so they know I am listening.  I validate where necessary.  This has helped me so much to be a better Sponsor.
  15. God has given me the gift of maternal instinct so that I may love and cherish my children.  That they may grow up in a house where they know their Mother loves them more than anything.  Where they can feel safe and comfortable.  Where they can laugh and cry.  Where they will learn and grow.  Where through my experiences I will teach them how to show love for their Savior and teach them the love that their Savior has for them.
  16. God has given me the gift of feeling it important to keep my word.  I believe that people trust me more if I keep my word to them, whether it is something big or something as simple as making it to a lunch date on time.  When I keep my word it tells them that I love them, and they are important to me.  This also goes in hand with keeping my word with my Father in Heaven.  Keeping my promises to Him shows Him that I love Him, and that He is important to me.
  17. God has given me the gift of Honesty.  I strive to live myself honestly so that I have a pure slate to work with on a daily basis.  I strive to be honest with myself, as well as others, even when it is hard, but always with the Spirit of progression and recovery.
  18. God has given me the instinct to be hard working.  My day is full from beginning to end with school, work, kids, friends, neighbors and so much more.  I prefer my days to be full for when they are, they are fulfilling.  I feel accomplished and strong and happy when I am productive and hardworking.
  19. God has given me the gift of intelligence so that I can study and understand more clearly, so that I may get a good education to help support my family.  So that I may further my writing and help others.
  20. God has given me the gift of empathy. I believe this is one attribute that has helped me help others through recovery.  I have lived the darkness that others are in, I know how they feel and how hard it is.  How the adversary can whisper the tiniest lie and somehow make us feel like it’s absolute truth.  And, I have overcome that, so through empathy and being an example of Hope, I can use that to gently say to new women that come to group ‘come, look where I have been, and look where I am now.. I promise you can have this, and I will show you how’.  And I can say that with confidence.  
  21. On the flip side he has also given me the gift of sympathy where I may not be able to personally relate to something that someone is going through, but I can see the pain and anguish that they are experiencing because of it, and the pain and anguish I can relate to.  That’s the beauty of the 12 Steps.  It doesn’t matter what you have done or what has been done to you.  It doesn’t matter if your addiction doesn’t look like someone else’s addiction; because the Steps are focused on moving forward, not backward, they are focused on recovery and healing and getting back to our Savior, none of that would have us rehashing and comparing the pain we’ve gone through.
  22. God has given me the gift of wisdom so that I may more deeply understand addiction, how it affects me, learn my cycles, absorb the Steps, be able to discern my everyday situations so that I am aware of the effects of ALL decisions I make.  And in turn, turn around and show others how to do the same, through example. 
  23. God has given me the gift of determination so that I may never give up, even if I slip and tumble down a part of the mountain.  I will reach out, grab on and keep going.  This goes a long with keeping my word and being confidant.
  24. God has given me the gift of feeling comfortable sharing my weaknesses and trials with others.  I find it healthy to talk about my weaknesses and trials to others as long as it’s not in a whiney/victim way.  I think it shows them that they are not alone in what they may be facing.  That they may find relief and comradely in that.
  25. God has given me the gift of vulnerability so that I may keep myself open to the Spirit, remain Humble and be open to constructive criticism and direction.
  26. God has given me the gift of confidence so that I may hold my head high as I trudge through life and that if I do my best, that I can feel confident when I face the Lord at the judgment seat.  Confidence also helps me better be able to approach people, introduce myself, ask them questions someone may not normally ask, quickly get in tune with them and express my love for them.
  27. God has given me the gift of being receptive.  This is a very large gift that I was suppressing with pride for a very long time.  To be able to be receptive and in tune, I must be focused on others and not myself.  But, when I am, I am very open to thoughts and feelings others have for me because all I want to do is learn and better myself.
  28. God has given me the gift of perception which goes along with being intuitive.  I feel this is a gift to help me help others feel comfortable.  Someone may be sharing something where they don’t want to give many details, but through my perception I can “get it” without them having to. 
  29. I have been given the power of discernment.  I have found this very useful when I am in a bad spot.  The Spirit will whisper to me something and I will hear it.  On the flip side, I can feel very strongly when there are bad spirits in the room.  It is like night and day.  This is a very special gift that I treasure.  I only want the Spirit with me, not the other ones and it is so much easier to recognize them and then ask for them to be cast out then to not recognize them and have them following me around constantly.
  30. God has given me the gift of observation.  This goes along with being intuitive and discerning.  When I sit in a crowded room, I people watch, and I wonder about them, and I observe people’s behavior, the way they are dressed, the way they hold themselves and interact with others. 
  31. God has given me the gift of a good memory when it comes to people, their names, faces, and voices.  This goes a long with observing them.  I observe them and they get stored in a special memory box and I will remember them years later.  I know it makes people feel good when I am able to approach them and tell them I remember them from years past, and I am genuinely happy to see them.
  32. God has given me the gift of a contagious personality.  I find that when I am happy and bubbly…. That it bubbles over and is sort of infectious to others.  Magnetic if you will.  At Group this past week a girl was having a really hard time afterward, seemed stone cold and just really upset.  By the time we had moves out to the parking lot, I had her laughing at my stupid jokes.  I have a way with people that way.  I can sense they are sad… and so I gently start breaking out into joy, maybe just by sitting by them, maybe by talking about something stupid with them, but I listen to the promptings and go with the flow of whatever the Spirit tells me to do to help life them.
  33. God has given me the gift of passion.  This one of course is VERY powerful and I have to be careful how I use it because if I’m not, it can lead to my addiction.   Something I am passionate about now is the Steps.  I don’t think I will ever lose that passion.  But because I am passionate about them, I live them, I breathe them, I talk about them constantly, I bear testimony of their truth and of their power.  And people can feel that radiate off of me and then catch the bug. 
  34. God has given me the gift of expression so that I may articulate what I am trying to say whether it be through words, writing, or song.  I am able to express how I am feeling, express my ideas about something in a way that makes it simple for people to understand.  Usually through analogy.
  35. God has given me the gift of writing – namely to be able to express myself on paper and clearly state thoughts and feelings that come to me.  He has blessed me with visions in my head so I can actually see pictures and situations to better describe them.  I truly believe this is a gift I will be using in the future. (Ya, had NO idea I would be blogging!  God did though!)
  36. God has given me the gift of not fearing, but wanting to tell everyone how I really love them, or how they have touched me.  This scared me for so long.  Thinking people would think I was freaky.  But, this life is too short, and I may die tomorrow, or even in an hour, and I would hate to go without telling everyone that I love, that I do love them.  So, now, I tell everyone that I love them
  37. God has given me the gift of leadership so that I may righteously lead by example those that are on the path behind me, all the way encouraging them to catch up so we can reach our goal together, united.
  38. God has given me the gift of music so that my heart may be softened and I may learn from it.  That I may find music for any occasion and share it with others.  Anytime someone is having a hard time I will think “hmm what song do I have for them” and somehow the song makes things so much better.
  39. God has given me the gift of influence. Now, influence used incorrectly is manipulation so I strive to stay away from that.  But, influence used correctly is leading people to the Steps, and good things in life that will aid them in becoming Honest, finding Hope, and ultimately Trusting God.
  40. God has given me the gift of obedience, that I may trust and follow Him always – always mindful of his guidance and instruction, so that I may return to Him through my Savior, for it is only by my Savior that I will return to Him. 
All these qualities don't manifest within me all at once.  That would be insane.  I'd be like twinkled or something.  No, the Lord let's me experience them a few at a time, and even sometimes grants me the privilege of seeing the results of listening to the Spirit and putting to use the qualities given to me.  Those are special moments.

I challenge you to discover your own God given supah powah's!!  To find your Christlike attributes, to find how you magnify the Savior and to find your worth, your worthiness and who you really are.  He WANTS you to know your attributes for by knowing them, you know Him.


  1. Awesome! You are amazing! Sometimes it is so tough because I feel like that line of truly being grateful and recognizing our God given attributes and pride can be thin. I am still struggling with feelings of guilt when I say things like, "yes I did good today." BUT it is getting easier because I don't need to say that anymore but I can say, "yes WE did good to day" meaning me and the help of my Savior. I love your challenge and will definatly be thinking of these things in me. I doubt I can think of 40. lol. :) {hugs}

    1. Jana - I totally get that ... seriously.. but the good thing is... YOU don't have to think of 40! God will show you what He sees in you.... and that is the number that will manifest. It's not a context... just follow the Spirit and trust the revelation given to you:-)

  2. What a beautiful post! I have been struggling with lack of self worth as of late and this post was an answer to my prayers. Thank you, thank you!

  3. i like your new picture. you look so beautifully happy. whats up with me, i see all these lists on blogs lately and i start to wonder if i should make a list. but i don't think im a list kinda gal. Your list is one heck of a list of powers!

    1. Thank you thank you! I chewed on using that picture - I look like a goof - but so many people would say "that's totally you" when they would see it so I decided to use it. I want to truthfully represent myself.

  4. You are Super Woman...thanks for sharing!

    I have been pondering on Christ-like attributes for the past 5 months and wondering how to go about discovering the attributes I have. Thank you for helping me see how I can go about it.

    Looking at your list, I already see some of the powers I possess and want to possess. I am so glad I read you post today.

    Love, Sparrow

    1. Wonder Woman!! Woo! I'm probably the only one who remembers her. She was my hero:-)

      I'm glad you see yourself in them... it makes sense since they are Christlike attributes and we are all striving to be like Christ. :-)

      From what I know about you - you definitely possess many Christlike attributes:-)

  5. Yep. As I read each quality, I thought to myself, "Yep. I can see that in Sidreis." This list is an amazing show of self awareness as well as how in-tune you are with the spirit. I hope one day I can do something like this. I feel like m list wouldn't have anything on it right now. I know that's probably not true and hopefully in time I can see them as I ask The Lord. Thanks for this post lady! :)


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