The Power of Vulnerability

I watched this clip in my Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships class today and fell in love with it.  I am a big advocate of exposing shame and letting it dissipate into rich Celestial air.  It's a beautiful process as we come to know our Savior, trust Him, believe Him, lean on Him and give it to Him and in turn He frees us from the devastation of shame.

Brene Brown researches the relationship between vulnerability and shame.  She is amazing and I hope you guys can glean knowledge from her as I have.  I wish I could take a class from her!

BAD WORD ALERT: There is one bad word in this clip.  Feel free to choose not to watch it:-)


  1. I love this! It really touched me. I need to rewatch it. I really liked what she said about vulnerability. How it helps us with so many things and yet can lead to shame. Opposition in all things! I love TED videos. I subscribe to them on youtube. Didn't know you could swear! ;) -Stacey

  2. Hi Sidreis. Great minds think alike. Check out my post today. (hehehe) Brene Brown rocks. You know what else rocks? TEDtalks. There is so much good going on TEDtalks. Love your testimony.

  3. The courage, compassion, connection part totally spoke to me. So glad I found this!!

  4. oh and vulnerability.... "we numb vulnerability"... "you cannot selectively numb emotions"... so true - I learned a lot from this. Yay for 2 comments :)


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