Journal: My Crazy Busy Life!

I feel like I have been a total absentee blogger!  Life has just been so busy lately, and I wanted to quickly update everyone on things that are happening...


The good news?  I have seemed to pass the funk that I was in for a few weeks.  I am so grateful!  Sometimes I forget just how much I rely on keeping busy and focused to keep me out of the darkness. The fog seemed to dissipate pretty much at the very moment school started up for me.  I am taking two classes this semester: Astronomy and Abnormal Psychology.

When I first enrolled for the classes I was more excited about the Abnormal Psych class than the 3rd required science class.  Most know that I have a keen head for crazy stuff.  I love watching crime shows and learning about different disorders.  I love digging into the minds of those whose thoughts and behaviors deviate from social and cultural norms.

But it is also common knowledge that no matter the topic, the right teacher can make you love any topic... and that is precisely what happened with Astronomy.

I LOVE my professor.  She is so passionate, funny and easy to understand.  Who knew nebulas, galaxy clusters and constellations could be so interesting?

My Abnormal Psych professor, on the other hand, is nervous and dry, and her energy is difficult to connect with.  Not what I was expecting.

Granted, there have only been two class periods so I reserve the right to change my opinion before the semester's end!


The Dr. Hilton event is fast approaching and I am invested in it full force.  I'm both excited and crazy nervous.  We were finally able to raise the funds, so that is out of the way.  Now we are focusing primarily on advertising.  The venue seats 400 and we really want to fill every seat.

I am picking up banners on Monday and they will go up on campus and we will begin handing out hundreds of fliers.

I've emailed everyone I know, asking them to spread the word!


My book is now bringing me a bit of anxiety.  When I submitted my manuscript I was told that I would hear back from them anywhere from 4-6 months.  Well, I am currently at about the 4 month mark,  I keep checking my junk email folder to see if I've missed an email from them.



I was able to quit my job!  I gave notice yesterday.  What a huge miracle it is.  I am beyond excited to do housework, make dinner and wash clothes.  I've turned into my mother!  No but really, being home with my kids has been my greatest desire for many years now.  I don't know how long it will last, but I'm grateful for any tine I do get.


So that is a brief rundown of what has been consuming my time lately.  I do have a number of draft blog posts that I need to fill out and edit so don't think my silence is due to writers block.  I will always have content to write about.  The Lord just has me focusing on a much larger need right now.

Thank you all for your wonderful and faithful support!


  1. Welcome back, Sid! I am glad that things are going well. And yay for being an at home mom!

  2. I shared your flyer with my sister to help spread the word, her husband is a PR professor at uvu... hopefully they'll help fill your seats:)


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