The Bittersweet Sting of Rejection

Well, I heard from Covenant Publishing yesterday, and the news was not great. 

My book has been denied.

I was impressed, however, with how kind their response was: 
Dear Sidreis, 
Thank you for submitting By the Light of Grace to Covenant. After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that it does not fit our publishing needs. Thank you for being willing to share your very personal experiences. Although we did not publish your book, we recognize the tremendous courage it takes to open your heart and bear your testimony. You have a special story to tell. Trust in the Lord’s timing; He will help you tell your story. 
We appreciate the skills, effort, and time that have gone into preparing your manuscript.  
Best wishes in your future writing endeavors.
I think their response was the nicest rejection I have ever received, hah!  I also recognize what they did say; that they appreciate the skill and effort I put in to writing the book. I really get the impression that those who read it were impressed with it, but that they just didn't feel it was right for their company, at this time.

And because of that, I really don't look at it as 'rejection.'  Yes, I was disappointed at first; sad, confused, and maybe even a little hurt, but the Lord was with me among all that swirling emotion and afforded me a sweet miracle to help guide me through it.

As I re-read their response, I paused at 'Trust the Lord's Timing; He will help you tell your story,' and thought: 
I did
With no hesitation the Spirit responded with truth: 
Such a thing as trusting the Lord should never end on an 'I did,' but rather, should always be a continuous 'I do.'
I knew the answer came from the Lord, because it felt good.  
I didn't feel like I was being reprimanded for lack of faith or for doubting.  

I felt like the Lord was saying, 'I hear you, I feel you. Know that I am with you and trust that I have a plan for you. I commissioned this work and it will come forth in my time and for my purpose."

Simply put, Covenant Publishing was not the Lord's plan.

And, with that, I am satisfied.

I am already moving forward in search of other opportunities. I have sent the manuscript to some additional trusted friends just to have them read it and offer suggestions to tighten it up. I am also researching more publishing companies with whom I can submit. 

But mostly, I am staying close to the Lord.  

I don't know what is to come.
But I do know that I have the choice to enjoy the ride. 
And that, I will do.


  1. What a great way to look at this experience! A Christian blogger I follow wrote about a trial he was experiencing and how, instead of asking why, he asked "What does this make possible?" I'm trying to do the same with my life. The Lord sees the end from the beginning and the end is better than we can imagine.

  2. Wow Sidreis! I love this post and I love how you responded to this situation. I especially love what the spirit had to say. That's freaking awesome! Love ya!

  3. Oh Sidreis. I am so sorry for the "rejection" of your book from them. I feel so close to that with you. However, that really is the kindest rejection I've ever heard and I have no doubt that the Lord is teaching you continued trust and that He will lead you to the perfect publisher. I know that will happen for sure. I also love this lesson you learned and then shared. I say the 'I did' thing a lot, but the Lord is probably waiting for me to say the 'i do still trust' part... amazing insights with that. Good luck to you!!!

  4. It's interesting, S... Seth and I were just talking about this today... about timing and disappointments... and about it really is about enjoying the ride, and staying close to who you are. I love you. I know this is disappointing, but please don't forget all of the good you ARE doing.


  5. Love what the Spirit told you. That's definitely a constant battle sometimes when you feel like you've done everything right...and nothing happens. It's easy to stop trusting, but it's essential that we don't stop.


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