Healing Through Christ Recovery Workbook

I am seriously so excited to announce that the long awaited Healing Through Christ Recovery Workbook for men, women and teens struggling with sexual addction—or any form of unwanted sexual thought or behavior—is now available for purchase!

A comprehensive 12-Step program made up of 48 total Step sections has been in production for over five years, during which it has been tried, tested and refined by a number of different pilot groups.

This work is absolutely beautiful.

It has found the perfect balance between touching on addiction related topics not readily found in other 12-Step programs, offering practical application of the Steps and teaching us to give ourselves over to the Savior. It has a plethora of quotes from Church leaders, therapists and most importantly, from those who have walked the path of addiction but have found the sweet reward of freedom through working the program of recovery.

I recommend this workbook to anyone and everyone.

It will change your life.


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