Let's Talk About Breast Obsession

I've been thinking about breasts lately.

Now before your eyeballs bug out, my thoughts are not in the context you might think, considering my addiction and my recent disclosure on my struggle with same sex attraction.

No, my thoughts surround my concern with the insane level of obsession the world has reached over the female breast.

God created breasts so that we, as women, can fulfill the sacred institution of breast feeding.  Yes, some women are not able to breast feed, but regardless of whether or not we are physically able, feeding babies is what our breasts were created for.

What happened to that?  Where did that purpose go?

Isn't it a device of Satan to twist our beautiful God given gifts into something ugly?  Has he not already defiled the sacred institution of sex?  Is he not also working to pollute the sacred institution of breast feeding?

Somewhere along the way, whether by God's design or nurtured by the natural man, female breasts have become part of our sexuality, for men and women.  And as with any aspect of our God ordained sexuality, when our desires go unbridled, obsession steps in, and we begin to feed and nurture unhealthy behaviors that, if left to their own devices, lead to addiction.

It seems that the world's sexualization of breasts has reached a whole new level of obsession and is possibly even stepping into the realm of worship.

Somehow the world has labeled bigger breasts as better.

Who decided that a bigger breast is better anyway?  Why is it better?  Can any reason be listed that doesn't feed and satiate sexual desire?  Or isn't linked to self worth?  Or isn't derived from comparison to others?  I haven't found one.  Oh, and there is no correlation between breast size and milk production.

It seems to me that the world's definition of a perfect female body mirrors what the natural man feels is the perfect female body.  Whatever the natural man desires, that is what the natural woman strives to look like.


Why can't we all just be desired for the bodies we have and the beautiful spirit's that house them?
Where did this idea of a perfect body looking like a voluptuous size six come from?
Where did the belief come from that our bodies will be perfected to a voluptuous size six state after we die?

My understanding is that perfection means 'perfectly free from sin.'  In essence, we will be perfectly free from judging ourselves and others.  Freedom from such judgement will allow a space for us to see ourselves, and others, as the perfect beings we are.

To have a perfect body is to be restored to a perfectly healthy state, free from scars, imperfections, disease or marring.
Perfection is to be happy, truly happy with the bodies we have been given, and to be comfortable in our own skin.

Having a perfect body doesn't translate to having a perfect shape or perfect facial features, at least, not according to the worlds standards now.  
Perfection lies in accepting ourselves for who we are in the bodies we have. What a glorious day that will be!  To truly come to unite with our bodies and love them, wholly.


Would our desire not be better spent on striving to love our Father in Heaven?  
Wouldn't it be better for us to seek pleasure and find joy in the beautiful gifts He has given us?  
Things that nurture and sustain our gratitude for His plan?

He loves us and wants us to be happy.  He has gifted bodies to us in order to experience mortality.  Any obsession with our bodies (whether by enhancement or self deprecation) dulls our understanding of the true purpose for which it was given.

My dear sisters... please, remember your worth.  Remember we are all beautiful and elect daughters of a King.  He cherishes us.  We are special to Him.  We are Celestial Royalty.  Our value and worth is not tied up in how symmetrically perfect our bodies are.  Our value is innate. We arrived with it.  It is not something that is earned here.  We already have it.

My dear brothers... please, remember your worth as well.  Remember that you are princes in His kingdom and valued on high right along side us, your beautiful sisters.

Let us cherish our virtue.  And as we strive to do so together, we will remain clean.

Let us grow to love God
...and in turn
Love ourselves
Let us focus more on becoming emotionally and spiritually healthier
...rather than
Becoming physically sexier
Let us reach for comfort and peace
...in our own skin
Right here
Right now


  1. I may or may not have stood up and shouted Amen several times while reading this. ;)

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!

    I have a sister who once told me she thought breastfeeding was weird because that isn't what breasts are for, they are for being sexy. How backwards is that?! It is interesting to consider "how on earth did we get to this point in society?!"

    I also absolutely love what you said, "Perfection lies in accepting ourselves for who we are in the bodies we have. What a glorious day that will be! To truly come to unite with our bodies and love them, wholly." The truth is, I DON'T' accept my body wholly right now. Oh, how I would LOVE to. And yet, I have even started shaming MYSELF for not being at that point yet. I love the way you put it - maybe that won't come for me WHOLLY until the next life, but I can still work on it and realize it is a process, just like everything else.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am really struggling with body image lately and you said everything so beautiful. Love you!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this. I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read. I feel like this post is so inspired. And for me, this post was about me... accepting my body and myself... loving my body and myself as God loves me. Seeing my body and myself as God sees me and working on improving the spirit this body houses. I needed this. You're awesome :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It's so true! What is up with this obsession with body image?
    I am a size 14 and PROUD of it! I love my body. I want to focus on eating healthier and being healthier, but that is because I want to be able to do cool and fun things when I'm 80. Not because I want to be a size 6. Sometimes I do struggle and find myself thinking "I'm fat." BUT I'm learning to love myself, because God made me this way. And He doesn't make mistakes.

  5. I love your blog and reading your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings, your thoughts and your emotions.


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