Journal: Just a Bunch of Updates

Hello friends!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing.  I swear I have not disappeared, and things are still progressing a long nicely.  I'm behind schedule with my book, and yet, I'm ahead of schedule at the same time.  Sounds weird, I know.  My goal was to have the book finished by the time school started, but the first 9 chapters were somewhat slow going.  I injected a lot of myself into them.  I revisited dark memories, and put them to a flow of words that most anyone can relate to.  As awesome as it has turned out, it took somewhat of a toll on me.

But, the Lord was mindful of me, and sustained me every single step of the way.  He is amazing!

I am excited about the editing process.  I was really nervous when I first started writing because I had no clue who to ask to help me edit it.  But, the right people have taken their rightful place.  My good friend Stephanie jumped out of the woodwork with "I want to help, I'm REALLY good at editing!"... I couldn't deny that outstretched hand, and so I accepted.  My dear husband has been a great help, too.  We sit together at night, on our bed.  He reads the chapter out loud while I follow along and, together, we nitpick it... striving to find just the right word or phrase.  If something doesn't sound right, I'll spend some time explaining to him my feelings surrounding it, and how I want it to sound, and the specific message I am trying to portray.  After patiently listening he says "I get it" and then together we work to make it perfect.  My good friend, Annette, has also been a big help.  She is the perfect pick me up when I'm down on the chapter because she always comes back with how amazing it is.  It's just what I need to hear, because through this, Satan has really worked on me, telling me how crappy the chapter is, and that I should just toss it and start over.  I never do though, I always have someone read it first, because I've learned to be weary of all my negative thoughts.

I have some amazing editing lined up too.  I am currently working on Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 will soon follow.  I expect the entire thing to be finished in the next few weeks.  Once it is finished, I will print three hard copies and divvy them out to three trusted individuals.  One is my female addict friend.  I want female addict eyes on it, because that is my target audience for the book.  Second is my female non-addict friend.  I do know that I will have a non-addict audience as well so I want to make sure the book is understandable, and no one is left hanging.  Third is my dear friend Toni Handy, one of the founders of the Healing Through Christ Foundation.  She also helped Dr.Donald Hilton with He Restoreth My Soul.

Once I have their copies back and I implement their thoughts, I will print one final copy.  I have asked a dear friend of mine, an author, as well as an leader in religious studies at BYU to look at it.  He is amazing, and I hope he accepts.  I want him to get an overall feel for the book, as well as make sure it is doctrinally correct.  I don't talk specifically about Gospel Principles, but I do generally, and even though I feel pretty secure in my understanding of them, there is always room for error.  So I want to cover my bases.

Once HE is finished, then it will finally be ready to send to the publisher!

This book is going to be one well kneaded beast!!!

I feel impressed to ask if any of you might have published author friends that would be willing to read it (once a publisher accepts it) and comment on it - for the comments at the beginning of the book.  That's a long way off, but I want to get a jump on that as well.

Lets see....

Oh, I joined Twitter again.  Mostly because I was able to connect it to my Instagram account so it makes it much easier.  So I'll be posting the meme's that I create and post on FB and Instagram, on Twitter too.

You are welcome to follow me at either:

Instagram: @iamsidreis
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I think that is about it!!

Love you guys:-)


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