Blissfully Ordinary

Well, I did it. This past Sunday I went to church.

I went alone to a ward I'd never attended before, across the street from where I live. Get this though: even though its so close, it's not even in my Stake. Hah, only in Utah.

Anyway, I walked in about 10 minutes early, found a seat and played on my phone until the meeting started; hoping that no one would talk to me. I didn't want to answer questions and feel obligated to explain why I was there. Thankfully, only the man that sat in front of me said hi, so I survived. Crisis averted.

Nothing extraordinary happened.

I didn't feel like the talks were for me.
I didn't feel the Spirit pounding out of my chest.
I knew the hymns that were sung, but they were way out of my register so I sorta squeaked through them.

Yet still, I loved every minute of it.
It was blissfully ordinary.

I think I'm inclined to try it again.


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