Just a Little Update


  1. It looks like your roads are as in as great a condition as mine! ha ha.
    Thanks for sharing, Sid. You have been such an inspiration and hope to me. I love you.
    (your hair looked fine!)

  2. Im so happy that you are doing so well! I hope that when you finish your book that you will send me one! I pray for you and your family that you keep up the same awesomeness and that you can help others. youre an inspiration to me!<3

  3. Haha, gotta love those Utah roads lol!! Such a fun video :) grinned the whole time. Too bad you didn't notice the boogers in your nose before ;) jk. Keep doing these. Love em!!

  4. Loved this video :) It made me smile, I am excited to get to read your book one day xxx

  5. yeah!! Rockin' it like a rockstar!


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