The Bullet Train Home

I have found that throughout my recovery, my obedience has come in different stages.

As I reflect on each stage, I am left feeling such immense gratitude for my Father in Heaven.

My Heavenly Father, Himself, feels gratitude for each level of obedience I attain
He does not shame me for being 'less than' the next level
He does not get irritated when I linger too long before moving on to the next stage
He is patient
He is kind
His gratitude is present, not past or future
He is grateful for my efforts
In the here
In the now
He understands
Each stage of obedience supports the next
...a gift
This ladder of progression

I was first obedient out of fear
I was terrified of the consequences I would suffer
I continued to live in the depths of sin
I didn't feel I could
Would, actually heal
But I wanted to be able to face my maker at the end
...and say
I tried everything

Next, I was obedient out of obligation
It was my duty to be obedient
I didn't do it out of love
out of righteous desire
...but instead
I did it out of necessity

Then, I became obedient out of my desire to please my Father
I wanted His approval
I wanted Him to be proud of me
I wanted
Even though my obedience was driven
It was rooted in selfishness

Finally, I came to a point where my obedience shifted into the Celestial realm
I finally came to serve Him
I love Him
Obedience born from the pure Light of Christ...
The bullet train home

See you there!


  1. i love the progression! good, better, best! even if we're not obedient for the right reasons at first you've shown that as we strive to be obedient our motivations can change and improve

    1. Exactly! And sometimes we even digress... but so long as there is some level of obedience, we are on the right track!

  2. Thanks for this. It's reassuring to me that even though my obedience may not be for the right reasons right now, that Heavenly Father is grateful for my efforts. He knows where I'd like to be and where I'm working to be. Grateful for the reminder of that. And this is beautifully written. And it is visually pretty. :)

  3. Powerful reminder that their are levels of obedience and we are each working at our own level right now and that is okay because Heavenly Father is so proud of us for living obediently. He is so patient and kind and gently with us. Such hope for perfect obedience.....someday!

  4. Have you ever read this talk? I think you will like it if you haven't.

  5. Oh my gosh Sidreis, this is something that I totally needed to read right now. These last couple of days I have felt the Holy Ghost so strongly in my life and have felt that my Father in Heaven has given me so many tender mercies. This is something I totally want to print off and hang on my wall. :)


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