A Call For Input: Obsession

We are currently working on Step 1 of the Healing Through Christ workbook for sexual addicts.  In addiction, obsession often (if not always) accompanies powerlessness.

Man or woman: what did/does obsession look/feel like for you?

Remember, please make your answers in quotable form so they are usable in the workbook.

"When any amount of stress (little or big) hit my life, I would automatically turn to thinking about how long I had until I could get home and get a fix.  It didn't matter if it was minutes or many hours until I would be home.  I found myself distracted and my attention would be fixed and focused on what waited for me at home.  My thoughts were consumed with working out a plan to find the 'right stuff' to get the 'best fix.' Obsession on getting the right fix led to being unproductive at work, many cancelled plans, lying, and ultimately hurting myself and others around me."
Thank you in advance for your thoughts!


  1. Since part of my addiction was fantasy, I had my fix anytime I wanted. I could fantasize while walking, in class, in church, etc. I knew what to fantasize about to trigger certain reactions. For me, it looked like being seen as attractive and cool. I wanted to be desired. My obssession was fantasizing that I was that person. I also used romance novels and a lot of fiction to find material to feed those fantasies.


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