'#nofilter' is a common hashtag used with pictures to signify no enhancement being used to make the picture look better or different.

No Filter                                               Amaro Filter

Photography filters definitely have their place - they can brighten colors to bring passion and vitality to a picture or they can soften the colors to make the picture more serene and peaceful.

However we filter a picture, even if it hides imperfections and makes it more beautiful, it is still not truth.  We are not experiencing the picture in its true rawness.  

I liken this to us.  

How many physical and emotional filters do we use to cover up who we really are? 
How many do we use to enhance ourselves so that we will look 'socially acceptable,' both physically and emotionally?

Why can't we just be real?

Because we are afraid.  

We are afraid of not looking as good as the person next to us, or being as emotionally healthy.  
We are afraid of being judged and shunned.  
We are afraid of being labeled...
- not good enough
- not pretty enough
- not sexy enough
- not funny enough
- not good enough
- not patient enough
- not spiritual enough
- not.... enough... period.

We are afraid of being shamed.

Oh how fear rules so many aspects of our lives.

But what would really go wrong if we were completely honest for a day? 
About our circumstance...
- about our feelings
- about our dreams
- about our sorrows
- about or weakness
- about our vulnerability
- about our strengths
- about our virtues

Scary?  Yes. But so very worth it.

Let us grasp tightly onto bravery, courage and faith, and embrace our vulnerability and authenticity.

If we are to use any filters to enhance ourselves, let them be the filters of compassion, humility, love, empathy, patience, faith, resiliency and courage.

Let us not filter out our weakness and imperfection, for acknowledging and embracing them is what leads to growth.

Let us not focus on that which we are not, but rather, find joy for that which we are.
Let us know without any shadow of doubt, that even in our rawest state we are enough.

I am enough.
You are enough.
We. Are. Enough.

We are powerful, gorgeous and resilient giants of celestial human beings.

Let us never forget...
We are enough.


  1. Hurrah, Sidreis! Good analogies, good post

  2. Excellent message, beautifully written. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You know how much I love this. At least I think you do ;)

  4. I really like this. Especially finding joy in being what we ARE!

    1. It's funny you mention that... because at first I had "joy and gratitude" but then I just felt impressed to leave the gratitude off.... I felt like Heavenly Father was saying... "just be happy... don't worry about the gratitude in this moment... just sit in joy and happiness for a moment because ultimately that's where I want you to be..."

  5. Oh, I love this post! It reminds me of the history of the word "sincere," because it has to do with pictures. "Sin" means without and "cera" means wax in Latin. Back in the day, some sculptors discovered that they could use wax to hide imperfections on their sculptures. They could then charge more for shoddy work, because it LOOKED good. This practice eventually became more widely known, and honest sculptors began advertising their work as "sin cera," or, "without wax." Nothing to hide behind. What you see is what you get. No cover-ups, no falsities, no pretense.

    I don't know if it's truly where the word "sincere" came from, but it's a nice story anyway. Sometimes I remind myself to be without wax.

  6. Love this post Sidreis, and love you too!


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