Living a Better Story

As The Togetherness Project begins its trek into my past, I am left with feelings of connection, hope, generosity, love, compassion, unity, courage, vulnerability, sisterhood and power.

It was pure goodness.

I absorbed and learned SO much.

I took something important from each and every class I attended.  Over the course of the next little while I'd like to share with you the life altering principles that really spoke to my soul.

The opening Keynote speakers were Josh Brazier and Hollie Henderson, there topic: How to Live a Better Story.

I loved their premise.  They broke the chains of stigma and stereotype simply by acknowledging that we don't have to be the person 'others' or even 'we' think we are.

They shared how we often focus on all that which lies in the way of our goal instead of focusing on the goal itself.

I can relate to this.  I shared, on facebook, a while back that I was frustrated with the fact that even after over 30 years of practice I still manage to spill the freshly filled ice-tray on the way to the freezer.

My wise friend Lucy suggested that instead of focusing on the ice-tray as I walk to the freezer, I keep my eyes lifted and focused on the destination.

Who would have thought, but it worked!  Once I stopped listening to the voices of paranoia in my head - the obstacles seemed to melt away.

We can be the person we want to become.  Life is not written in pen.  Life is malleable, ever changing and growing.

It is alive.

It thrives on what we feed it, how we treat it, and who we invite into it.

At one point during the presentation, Hollie shared the following video.  I cried through the entire thing. In it you will find:


It in, you will find strength to instill, in your own life, the desire to live a better story.


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