A Gathering: Do You Want One?

My dear friend, Scabs, started hosting gatherings this past year called 'Camp Scabs,' which I find to be somewhat of a quirky and lovely title.

She has reached out to me on numerous occasions practically begging me to host such a gathering of my own for women in sex addiction.

What would such a gathering look like?

"They are so amazing and healing" she says, "you meet other people, reach out, get rid of shame, tell your stories, burn things, make paper crafts and bird houses out of Popsicle sticks.  There's camaraderie, friendship, support, love and you'll stay up all night giggling and crying. You'll learn something new, gain strength, lose fear, be brave and then you'll go home with the strength of your new friends at your back, cheering you on.  Camp is power."

Sounds aMaZiNg, yes?

A lovely weekend full of solitude, sharing, connecting, unifying, talking, discussing, honesty, tears and laughter.  On top of the emotional benefits, there would also be super yummy food and maybe even some shenanigans!

What else?  I'm not really sure.  I don't really want to get to completely planning it unless there is interest shown.

So I'm posing the question to you.  Would you come to such an event?

It would most likely be here in Utah, spots would be limited to about twenty, but if  there is a large turnout - I'd definitely plan more in the future.

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas?  Please share!


  1. Would I love to come? Yes. Would I realistically afford and make the travel arrangements? Likely, No. Hope that helps! :) I'll just gather up some papers and do my own crafting in heart.

  2. Dude. I'm there. And anyone who would want a ride from Boise to Utah could come with me! (**ahem, Seattle... ;)**)

  3. I would love this! Cost would be factor in the actuality of my attending, but I would do my darndest.

  4. I would try my hardest to be there. It's a great idea.

  5. I would also be, it would be nice to do a couple actually in different areas of the country. So as to reach more people :)

  6. I would be interested! And I'd be willing to help put it together, if you want. And Annette, I'd totally love carpooling with you!


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