I wanted to make you all aware of a change I've made.

I absolutely love Instagram.  It is by far my favorite app.  I feel that with a click of a couple of buttons I can catch and preserve moments that otherwise would be lost.

My personal Instagram account is @iamsidreis.  I post my everyday happenings there as well as meme's I create for my blog.

Well, at least, I used to.

Today I felt impressed to create a separate Instagram account specifically for my blog - @bythelightofgrace.  I did this strictly to house meme's of hope, recovery and that bear testimony of the Grace of our Savior.

Anyone is welcome to follow me on either account - but for my meme's I will be housing them from now on @bythelightofgrace. (Links below)

So you can follow my personal account here or my blog account here.


P.S. I've added a new Instagram widget on the right side of my blog as well!


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