The Birth of Crave

Ever wonder why we crave our addiction?

Neuro-transmitters, or chemicals, are released by our brains when we act out.  The more we act out the more these chemicals are released in unhealthy massive amounts.

Ohhh something exciting is coming and I can't wait till it gets here!

This feels sooooo goooood!

It feels so good that I'm going to brand how good it feels into my memory.

... and nurture it, this euphoria that I'm feeling; take care of it, keep it warm, love it.

Resistance is futile
Recovery is fruitful


  1. Reading "He Restoreth My Soul" I remember reading about the brain damage done by addiction, by these chemicals and thinking, "I'm broken for life." But I testify that God heals our brains. It is a miracle. Recovery is fruitful. It is healing.


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