Dear God Letters: I Need Your Counsel

Dear God,

I love you so very much.

I am grateful for all thou hast given to me.
I am especially grateful for my Savior; for His pure love for me and all His grace.
I'm grateful for being rescued from the grasp of the adversary and all the shame that came with it.
I have a question in my heart and I need your help.  
I want to know if I am suppose to share my story with the world now, or if I am to wait until the church publishes my video and/or my written story.  
I have been praying to you for a while now asking this question but you have been quiet, or maybe I am just not hearing your answer.  
I'm sorry if that is the case.
Here is my dilemma.  
Part of me wants to wait till the interview and/or written story is published to add some legitimacy to my story.  
I want people to take me seriously.  
I'm scared that if I share my story without linking my interview with it, that people will see my story as a joke and not pass on my story to others.  
I feel like I need people to take me seriously and pass on my story so it will reach my target audience: other women who struggle with the same addiction I do.  
That is my ultimate goal; to help others.  
But then part of me doesn't want to wait because the longer I wait, the longer people go without my message of hope and recovery.  
But I fear that I am lacking faith and hiding behind the church instead of trusting you.  
I also just have this overall foreboding feeling of fear but I feel this fear is unfounded because I can't necessarily pinpoint what exactly I am scared of; I just know that I feel scared.  
I am concluding that my fear is simply Satan clouding my faith.  
I feel like maybe I need to just take this scary leap of faith and trust that you will protect me and comfort me; and bring me peace if there are any negative repercussions.
Please help me Heavenly Father.  
Help me see the light and to feel thy love.  
Please help me to see the path in which I am to take.  
I feel my fear is clouding my faith and I need clarity.  
I will pray and fast for an answer for the answer to my question is very important to me; and may be very important to others.
Thank you for loving me.


  1. He told me to trust Him and to have faith. That me waiting for the video was my lack of faith and that I just need to trust Him. So I'm going to. I'm going to review the blog post of my story tomorrow and then post it and send it out to the world sometime tomorrow... and I'm going to trust Him.

  2. you just sent this story, this blog, to the world in August? And already, this many women have found you?

    Thank you Sidreis, thank you for sharing your story with ME. Thank you! YOU SAVED ME. I was in obscurity and God showed me you and suddenly I'm in the light. I say "thank you" but it's so common a phrase that the meaning may be lost, but what else can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you?

    I found you when I needed you. What if you hadn't put this story out? At all? What if you had waited for the film to be released? Then I wouldn't have encountered YOU when I needed YOU.

    Man, I love you. I love God. I'm so glad He brought us together. I wonder if you realize exactly how much you help me every single day. I know you are no all-powerful being, that you are a woman, a human. I don't expect you to part the waters. What I'm trying to say is I don't have this unrealistic view of you, but as you ARE, you are my hero. You saved me from the dark alone-ness.

    I humbly and loudly thank you for offering your story to the world so that I could find you and come out of hellish obscurity and have true hope for full recovery. THANK YOU!

    1. Yes, only since August. Kind of hard to believe, right? Truly the Lord has protected me for I have received no negative feedback, only wonderful support. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad the Lord has looked out for you as He has/is others. I'm so happy we are building this community of recovering daughters together to help attract and support others that are struggling. The Lord is gathering His sheep!


    2. I echo what Erin said! You truly are an angel, Sidreis


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