Hey Folks,

So I want to take a moment and invite you to suggest topics for me to blog about.  Now that the "cat's out of the bag" as my Bishop would say, I'm opening up to write more specifically about sexual addiction.  I do have plenty of topics to keep me going for a while but I also want to write about topics/idea's/questions that you may have.  My goal is to share my recovery with you - specifically- how I gave up things, how I accomplished things, how I cope with things.  So please, if you have specific questions, don't be shy.  Let me know!

If you don't want to respond publicly that's understandable and totally fine - you can also use the 'Contact Me' tab at the top of the page to send thoughts and suggestions - or if you know me personally you can contact me via text, email or facebook.

Thanks in advance!



  1. User Dreams! How to get rid of them!

    1. Thanks Penny... I do have that post in the works so it's coming!:-)

  2. DETOX! please ;) okay love you bye!


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