Going Home

This post isn't so much going to be about principles of addiction recovery but more about how awesome and supportive my family has been.  I want to express my utmost gratitude for them and especially for my Savior, for through His healing power He has not only managed to heal me but also mend the relationships I have with many of my family members and bring us closer together.

I have been MIA from blogging for the past 10 days or so because I had the opportunity to head up to Montana to pick up my older two boys who spent a good portion of the summer at Grandma and Grandpa's.  I was fortunate enough to also be able to spend a few days up there in the process.  My husband was also able to go which was awesome.  It was the first time he's seen my hometown so it was great to be able to show him around and let him glimpse my childhood.  Let me tell you, Glendive Montana (and the surrounding rural areas) is the picture perfect hometown to grow up in.  I absolutely love it there.  I would love to move back - but I hesitate just because it is a bit isolated from the rest of the world (which is probably why it is so beautifully untouched).

I just wanted to share a taste of Glendive and the small, six homestead, town of Lindsay where my parents live.  Prior to recovery going home would stress me out.  The emotional and spiritual turmoil I was in would spill over and effect the relationships I had with my family.  But now that I am much more spiritually and emotionally healthy I long to be home again. 

This is a picture of the view from my parents front yard... this is so beautiful.  I see God's hand everywhere in this scenery.  It's so beautiful (I know I said that already).  I feel such gratitude for this beautiful earth that God gave us.

This picture reminds me of the Savior. Do you see how?  His light is behind the clouds.  There are so many times during my day to day struggles that I forget He is there.  Because my Spirit cannot feel Him past the turmoil I experience, just as my physical eyes cannot see the sun in this picture, I can be so quick to forget He is there.  I dismiss Him and lose my faith.  But He is there.  Sure as the sun is behind these clouds, my Savior is always there.

Other pictures that fill me with gratitude or simply make me happy...

My Mom's yard.  Isn't it so beautiful and welcoming?  Picture perfect farmhouse yard.

The beautiful Bell Street Bridge that connects both shores of the Yellowstone River that runs literally right through the middle of Glendive.

View of the picturesque Yellowstone river from the Bell Street Bridge.

Happy brothers!!  My boys felt so much love and acceptance in Montana.  I want to give a shout out also to all the people in the ward in Glendive for making my kids feel at home.

Water!!  I'm so grateful for water!!  This is the dam, right across the street from my parents.  It's privately owned by good friends of our family, the Young's.  It's the local watering hole and so much fun!

Scratching and smiling dogs:-)  This is Chief, the newest adoptee into the Keller family.  He's a wonderful, loving dog and quite the watchdog too!  Oh, and he plays hide and seek! Ha. 

I love my family and the opportunities I have to go home.  Thank you dear family for always loving me, for accepting me and for forgiving me.  I love you all very much!


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    1. Thanks! You should road trip up there with me sometime:-)

  2. This is a great post of hope. That I can one day go home to my family without feeling so stressed out and unhappy about going and having to be there. I'm from a small town too, and yeah, best childhood place to live! My Mom is from Montana, it's sure pretty there. Also, I was thinking about the pic you posted of the clouds that remind you of the Savior--not only is the sun there the whole time behind the clouds, but we also forget to realize the sun is actually providing the light that allows us to see literally everything around us still. It's like how Christ is always SO MUCH a part of our whole lives and existence, but we just forget. Sometimes completely.


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