The 12 Steps

The 12 Steps are Gods way of simplifying His gospel and teach us how to utilize and rely on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.  The Steps are not a 12 week course or a one time fix.  They are principles we should take exquisite care to adopt into our daily lives. 

The Steps:

Step 1 - I have come to realize I cannot overcome my addiction on my own

Step 2 - But there is hope because with my Savior, healing is possible 

Step 3 - It seems so scary but I'm going to trust God and do my part

Step 4 - If I do this work

Step 5 - God will heal my shame

Step 6 - If I do this work

Step 7 - God will heal my thoughts and behaviors

Step 8 - If I do this work

Step 9 - God will heal my relationships

Step 10 - I must work daily to keep myself in line with the Steps; with the principles of His restored Gospel.  Practice makes progression!

Step 11 - I am now a well oiled machine at communicating with and receiving revelation and inspiration from my Heavenly Father.

Step 12 - I must not keep the gift of recovery to myself.  My Savior did not heal me so I could selfishly keep it.  I must do all I can do to share His healing with others.


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