Clearing Up Some Confusion...

Hey Guys,

I just need to clear up some confusion about my recent blog post One Day Sober.

One Day Sober was not about me.  Some have reached out to me with their support thinking it was me that slipped.  I'm sorry I confused some of you and worried you.  My sobriety is still in tact at a firm 834 days.  I'm good!

At the end of the blog post I inserted "Contributed by Michelle" to give credit to the person that submitted the story.  Some of you have also made assumptions about "Michelle."  If you know a Michelle in my recovery circle it may or may not be about her, and it may or may not be a recently written piece.  The piece was published primarily as a teaching tool to help others relate to the awful feelings that accompany a slip.  It was to help people not feel alone in those feelings and to help them know that the Lord is still waiting for them, willing and ready to forgive.  It wasn't to announce the sobriety date of anyone specific.

My blog now has almost 16,000 views (cRaZy AwEsOmE!!) and many people reach out to me.  I've had a few people submit stories for publication.   My point is, don't assume things written on my blog are by someone you know if a first name matches someone you know.

I just don't want to start rumors,  I don't want people thinking I've slipped when I haven't and I don't want people thinking their friend named Michelle has slipped when they haven't.

This of course applies to future contributed pieces as well.  I welcome submitted stories (that's a plug if anyone would like to write something for my blog) and I always ask if the person would like to use their first name or 'anonymous.'  Often times, people who have common names (like Michelle) are comfortable using their first name because it could be anyone really.  I've had people who have less common names use aliases to protect their anonymity.

I do appreciate all the concern and again, I am sorry for the confusion!


  1. We all need to remember that it doesn't matter "who" the story was about. We all need to reach out and support one another. Love to all.


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