A Call to Spread Hope!

Over time I have come to learn (through contact) that my audience includes therapists, Bishops, members of Stake Presidencies, addicts, codependents, random LDS readers and even non-members of the church that find some sort of inspiration from my blog.  I am sure there is a wider audience that I am just not aware of yet.

I want to personally thank those of you who have passed on my blog (posts) to others. 

I want you to know that you have helped people. Your friends have reached out to me and told me of their struggles. Your willingness to simply forward my story, or link my blog posts has provided a bright beam of hope to someone you know.  I have had many sisters contact me and express their gratitude for my willingness to share my story.  Each of them, or close to, have lived in isolation because of the intense fear of judgement for their struggle.  Most of them have thought they were the only one.  Most of them found my blog through you.

I invite you to re-distribute my story again on your walls, or forward it in an email or simply spread it by word of mouth.  My intent is a push of effort to reach those LDS sisters who may be stuck in the chains of sexual addiction. Please help me help others.

Here is my story if you are willing to share it (thank you!):


Much love,



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