One Day Sober

I regret to say that Satan called me home recently. No, not home. Home is where you feel happy, safe, welcome. At home people love you and accept you for who you are. You shouldn't ever be judged or ridiculed. You should feel like you belong. Home is a safe haven from the outside world.

I got sucked into a dark dingy alley where I feel scared, alone and worthless. It's a place I know well but it's not home. I even have acquaintances there I used to call friends. Their names are Porn, Masturbation, Lust, and Depression. We were friends for a long time but they weren't real friends. They made me hate myself and everyone around me. They made me feel worthless and alone and unloved. They always stuck together too. I couldn't ever get one of them alone without the others tagging along. They welcomed me with open arms the other day only to leave me feeling horrible. I hung out with them for a few days but it never helped any. I even ditched my best friend. His name is Prayer.

He's always been there for me. I can't get rid of him no matter how hard I try. I've tried running from him and calling him names and for the past couple days, I told him that I didn't need him. I felt too bad about myself to call him a friend. I was really mean to him and it made me ashamed. He has always pulled me through the most difficult times so I don't understand why I didn't want him around.

Fortunately, he did what all good friends do. I turned to him and asked for help and he pulled me out of that alley. Guess who was waiting outside? The Holy Ghost! He put his arms around me and just hugged me even though I didn't feel like I deserved it. I still don't feel like I deserve it.

I'm on my way home now. It's just 12 steps away. It's all uphill but I can see my home from where I stand. I still have my two best friends holding my hands and helping me along and the closer I get to home, the more real friends I gain.

I walk passed that alley everyday and sometimes it looks so welcoming. Satan does a great job at making it look so nice. He even has a sign hanging up that says, "I never said it would be worth it, I only said it would be easy." He knows the right way to make us wanna take a peek in and see what’s going on but I just have to remember that my home looks nice on the outside AND the inside. It's where I'm really happy.

~Contributed by Michelle~


  1. Xoxoxo love you! You're stronger than you think. chin up, you are loved.


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