Touch of Grace's Light

So I have the best friends in the whole world I swear.  This year, I received the coolest Christmas present I think I have ever received.  My good friend Ginny wanted to draw me a picture for Christmas but wasn't sure what to draw.  I suggested that she base it off a poem that I wrote called The Rescue.  The following is her interpretation.  I think this picture is so beautiful.  I feel closer to my Savior just looking at it because I can see myself close to Him.  He truly has rescued me.

Thank you Ginny for being so in tune with the Spirit and giving me the bestest gift ever!

Touch of Grace's Light
Ginny Tilby

The Rescue

Once was lost, a daughter of God
Wandering down a long path
To a dark, scary and lonely place
Where she didn’t know how to get back

The darkness beckoned and called to her
Promising comfort and fun
But once she partook of the forbidden fruit
She was left feeling empty and numb

Read the rest of the poem here...


  1. Ginny is incredible!! and your poem is incredible! Thank you so much for posting this. Much love! -Rachel

  2. It's really good. It captures a lot. The wind pushing you toward the Savior. Different emotions. Pain. Hope. Surrender. What else? It has your spirit in it.


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