A Personal Touch from the Prophet Joseph Smith

During the Sunday School lesson in church this past week, a question was posed:

"How has the Prophet Joseph Smith influenced your life?"

As people began raising their hands and listing off all the important, yet obvious, answers, I was left to my own thoughts.  I thought hard, searching deeply to understand if Joseph Smith had ever said anything, or done anything, or written anything, that has touched me, personally.

And then the answer came...

I was reminded of a scripture I once read early in recovery.  A scripture that rang so true to me that I was absolutely astounded and how much it applied to me.

Joseph Smith History 1:30 (last 1/3 of the verse):
It seems as though the adversary was aware, at a very early period of my life, that I was destined to prove a disturber and an annoyer of his kingdom, else why should the powers of darkness combine against me?  Why the opposition and persecution that arose against me, almost in my infancy?
Although the level of opposition I have endured doesn't match that of the great Prophet, I have endured my own level of personal hell, that started when I was very young.  I do know that the powers of darkness have combined against me, and many many times, have almost succeeded in destroying me.

Now I see...

That when I am under attack, it is because I am doing something right.  It is because something huge is stirring on the other side, something I cannot see yet, but the adversary can.

I had a sister reach out to me recently.  She explained that she had been offered the opportunity to present a 'literature for change' project at a local university event.  She was scared.  She thought that I should do it, instead of her, but I felt immediately impressed that she was to do it.  I encouraged her, but felt resistance, until the truth finally spilled out:

Her heart was heavy as she told me:
"I don't feel worthy, I slipped last night."
My heart soared as I recognized Satan's tactical warfare:
"Don't you see!  It completely makes sense that you slipped!  The adversary was wholly aware of this opportunity before you were.  He wants to squash this opportunity for you to spread awareness and hope, and for others to receive it.  Don't let him win.  Keep going!"

It is not the slips that define us, it is what we do on the other side.  Our sweet bishop's determine our level of worthiness, not the dark whispering's we hear as we sit in isolation.

They are never from God.

I am so grateful for the Prophet Joseph; for my brother, Joseph. Surely, for all the great things he has made possible for all of is in this last dispensation, but especially for the few sentences that personally touched me so deeply.

For his recognition of the darkness, so that the light shone that much brighter for me to see.


  1. This is beautiful! For me, it's the story of the 116 pages. Joseph made mistakes, but the Lord still forgave him. The Lord still loved him and used him to do good in the world. Not one of us ever fail to have God's love and Joseph showed me that.


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