A number of years ago my brother-in-law 'liked' the Facebook page of Fight the New Drug.  I found myself offended.  I can't remember if I hadn't yet started recovery or if I was early in my recovery, but I do know I definitely wasn't in the same frame of mind that I am now.

I remember feeling scared.

I feared that Fight the New Drug was attacking the addict (me), rather than the pornography.  I felt judged and I feared that I'd be found out.

Twisted, right?  Exactly how Satan works.

Now that I am the Vice President of the Utah Valley University chapter of FTND, I have come to find out just how important this movement is.  FTND is not about calling out the addict, or slinging accusations, or establishing irrevocable judgments.

On the contrary, they want to help.  They want to help those who are already caught in the throws of sexual addiction as well as help the unassuming youth maintain their virtue.

The mission of FTND is to spread awareness in a huge way.  By shedding shame and blatantly speaking of the harmful effects of pornography.

I am so very proud to be apart of something so huge.

I would like to invite you to join our cause.  If you attend Utah Valley University, please come and join the club.  Members come from all walks of life.  If you struggle with pornography addiction yourself, joining the movement will not 'out' you.  If you live in Utah County but do not attend UVU, you are still welcome to join our chapter. We simply need to maintain a 75% student membership.

We have some huge things in the works, including having an amazing speaker come present for UVU and the community.

Before you leave, please...



  1. FTND does some really impressive work. It's great that you're a part of that!


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