Healing From Betrayal Trauma

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Many of us have experienced the agonizing pain that spousal betrayal brings.  Whether it be pornography addiction or extramarital affairs, we often suffer in unnecessary isolation.  The fear that keeps us bound in isolation may stem from fear for our spouse, fear of judgement, fear that it is our fault, or even fear that speaking of it would some how shatter the illusion that maybe the problem just isn't that big of a deal.

Unfortunately, many women with betrayal trauma aren't receiving the proper care they need and deserve.  Left untreated, such a state can lead to long-term negative effects.

The beautiful thing is, we don't have to isolate.  There are many other women walking the same path that we are, or have in the past.  Beautiful, courageous and brave women that are willing to share themselves and heal together.

Addo Recovery has also joined the fight against suffering in silence.  Addo is offering a free six week (online or in person) education course dedicated to teaching tools and coping skills to help women heal from the betrayal they have experienced.

I highly recommend enrolling in the free education class they offer - you can do so by visiting their website here.

Please don't struggle in the darkness.  There are many hands outstretched for you.  Just reach back.


  1. I really loved this, Sidreis. Great validation.

  2. Such a great resource, and I love your video. You're a light for a lot of people!

  3. What a great idea - hopefully the word gets out about this. So many do suffer in silence without knowing a way out.


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