An Open Letter to All LDS Young Women Who Struggle with Pornography

Recently on Facebook, Al Fox Carraway shared the following thoughts:
"IF ONLY people knew how many messages I get every day from young teenage girls who struggle w/ pornography - maybe we wouldn't have teachers start out lessons with, "I know none of you do this, but..." & we can move past ignorance & be more loving & productive with what the Atonement is ALL about."
Bravo, Al. I feel the same way.

She also assured the Young Women that they are loved, that they are not alone and that they are not bad people, and that change and forgiveness are available to them because Christ is always there and He will never think less of them.

All true.

I also want to add my voice to this movement.

To the Young Women of the church I say, I was once you. I was alone in my struggle with viewing pornography. No one knew because I couldn't stomach the thought of ever telling anyone. I really felt as if I wouldn't survive someone else knowing.

I was bound in the shadows of the dark one's lair and I felt completely and utterly lost. Those flaxen cords spoken of by Nephi, well that's pornography.

The thing is, though, you don't have to be stuck there. There is hope. There is light. There are others just like you who are struggling.

I know you are scared, I was too. And you might think I'm crazy for admitting to the world that I struggled with pornography, heck I thought God was crazy for asking me to. Believe me, it took almost a year of bantering back and forth with Him before I decided He would keep me safe. I decided to believe that my secret was worth sharing if it helped just one other girl find safe harbor. So that's why I'm talking to you.

I know it's hard and scary.
I know you think you are the only one.
I know you fear that people will judge you and think less of you.
I know there is this stereotype in your head that says only 'certain' kinds of girls can struggle with pornography.

The adversary tells you these lies in order to keep you bound in the darkness of silence and secrecy.

There is no healing there, but there is healing here; here in the light. Let yourself come into it and be bathed by it. Show your wounds that they might be healed.

Just tell someone. Tell a parent, a trusted friend or your bishop. Write them an email or a letter. Send them a text saying you have something to tell them but you are scared. Heck, you can tell me. I will listen.

Please, don't suffer alone.

People love you.
The Savior loves you.
I love you.

Just reach.


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