Dear Heavenly Mother: Did It Happen to You, Too?

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Dear Heavenly Mother,

I don't know you.

How is that even possible? How can I not know you?

I feel like I'm breaking some rule even writing to you, because the topic of you is so hushed amongst church members. I've been taught my whole life that you aren't mentioned because Heavenly Father wants to protect you from us, from the evil we do and say... which includes me I guess, although I've never thought or said anything ill about you, ever.

I can't help wonder, thoughwith all of the recent upheaval with women not being believed in the church, hushed, set aside and often forgottendid it happen to you, too?

Are you not spoken of because 'men' have not spoken of you, remembered you, or honored you?

Well I want to...

I want to know you.
I want to connect with you.

Mother's Day is coming. Can I celebrate it with you, and celebrate you?

Are you there?
Can you even hear me?


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  2. Do you really think that She is not involved in our lives? I love the doctrine Heavenly Mother. Do you really think that She doesn't listen to every one of our prayers and answer them and bless us in Her own way?
    When I pray I like to think she is. I think she's been very involved in my life. However, if you need someone else that can empathize with you just look to the Savior. He suffered every negative experience everyone would pass through in mortality

  3. Zina D. H. Young’s was very sad when her mother passed away.

    ZINA recalled asking Joseph Smith whether she would see her mother again following her mother’s death in July 1839. Smith replied affirmatively and added, “More than that, you will meet and become acquainted with your eternal Mother, the wife of your Father in Heaven.”

    David McKay (father of David O. McKay) reported a conversation he had with Snow while driving her from Huntsville to Eden, Utah. He asked whether Snow learned of a Mother in Heaven by revelation from God. She responded, “No,” and explained that her inspiration had come from Joseph Smith’s teachings.

    In 1844 those gathered to dedicate the Seventies Hall sang a hymn that contained the couplet “Come to me; here’s the myst’ry that man hath not seen; / Here’s our Father in heaven, and Mother, the Queen.”

    References to a Mother in Heaven appear in Nauvoo publications following the death of Joseph Smith and before Eliza R Snow’s poem “My Father in Heaven.”

    In the heav’ns are parents single?
    No, the thought makes reason stare!
    Truth is reason; truth eternal
    Tells me I’ve a mother there.

    Neal A. Maxwell affirmed the ideas or a homecoming expressed in Snow's poetry about Heavenly Mother by saying, "Could such a regal homecoming be possible without the anticipatory arrangements of a Heavenly Mother?"[80]

  4. She suffered for you. She died for you. She gave you life along with her husband. She loves you unconditionally, more than you could ever believe. She is all around, in every single thing you see, just like God. Omnipresent. Ubiquitous. Omnibenevolent. You are her precious daughter. You are her and she is you. She worships and adores her children, her daughters have a special place. She is always around. Her love permeates everything, she is the mother of all life.


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