Dear Heavenly Mother: Did It Happen to You, Too?

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Dear Heavenly Mother,

I don't know you.

How is that even possible? How can I not know you?

I feel like I'm breaking some rule even writing to you, because the topic of you is so hushed amongst church members. I've been taught my whole life that you aren't mentioned because Heavenly Father wants to protect you from us, from the evil we do and say... which includes me I guess, although I've never thought or said anything ill about you, ever.

I can't help wonder, thoughwith all of the recent upheaval with women not being believed in the church, hushed, set aside and often forgottendid it happen to you, too?

Are you not spoken of because 'men' have not spoken of you, remembered you, or honored you?

Well I want to...

I want to know you.
I want to connect with you.

Mother's Day is coming. Can I celebrate it with you, and celebrate you?

Are you there?
Can you even hear me?


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