Brethren, Please Stop Cat-Calling Your Wives

I am about to do something I swore I would never do: write a blog post in the 'you' voice. But this is a vent of sorts, and it's directed at the brethren in the church that refer to their wives as 'hot'.

Stop it. Please.

It's derogatory, demeaning and shaming.

Think about it.

Webster's online rival,, defines 'hot' as:

Hot [hot], adjective:
a. sexually aroused, lustful.
b. sexy, attractive

And when labeling your wives as 'hot', what follow-up action/desire does your mind attach to that label? Nothing chaste I'm sure.

We are women, equal to you, of limitless worth.
We are not defined by your perception of our bodies.

Such passive aggressive cat-calling asserts predatory dominance and emotional violence.

Please be-careful with your words, for the message you send can carry on for generations.


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