"Non-Consensual Immorality"? Hogwash

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"It is commendable that non-consensual immorality has been exposed and denounced. Such non-consensual immorality is against the laws of God and society. However, those who misunderstand God's plan must also oppose consensual immorality, which is also a sin." 
Quentin L. Cook 

Let me be very clear here:

There is no such thing as "non-consensual immorality."

It is sexual assault and rape.

Sexual assault and rape are not immoral, apart from the action of the perpetrator, but to title them as 'immoral' is to also label the victims as such.

To say that consensual immorality is "also" a sin, in context with sexual assault and rape, is to say that the victims are 'also sinners.'

There is no room for semantics here. There is no room for 'well, what he meant to say is..."

Words matter.

And words like these do nothing short of re-victimize those that have been sexually assaulted or raped.


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