A Book?

So I have some great news that I've been sitting on as I've waited for it to solidify into a more tangible reality.  That time has come.  I recently was approached by a PhD of Psychology and author who asked if I was interested in co-authoring a book with him.  Never had I dreamed of such an opportunity.  I, of course, took the idea to Tim, who reached out and sent my blog to a childhood friend of his whom he thought worked promoting bloggers.  Turns out she's actually the lead publicist over LDS authors for Deseret Book.


She responded:
Oh My.. I am in tears after reading some of your wife's posts and watching her video.  What a strength she has and I felt her spirit through each word I read.  I started working at Deseret Book in January as their lead publicist.  I handle all their LDS titles and National titles (Shadow Mountain).  If you don't mind I'd like to share the blog with our Product Director.  I'll be in touch again soon and thanks again for reaching out to me.
We waited about a month or so with no word so I asked my husband to again reach out to her, if anything, just for direction to help us better know which direction we should proceed.

We received this message this morning:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I think having your wife start the writing process would be great.  I believe her message is so strong that publishing doors will open for her.  
I'm stunned and grateful and stunned and grateful all at the same time.

But my path has been made clear.

I am to write.

So, write, I will do.


  1. Eeeeeee :) happy. This post just makes me really happy.

    And really - reaching out to an even wider audience? Yes. I think so. So many people have a need for the truths you are willing to express. Congrats :)

  2. this is awesome!! You certainly are doing great things. I can think of a number of people who have found recovery through your efforts. This is way cool.

  3. Awesome! It feels great just to read that you get to have the experience of sharing hope with others.

  4. this is fantastic news!! I can't wait to read your words cover to cover. It is the most inspiring story!

  5. This is really amazing! I am so proud of you.... what courage you have!

  6. Thank you all my dear friends! It's definitely an exciting time. I truly feel the Lord has prepared me for this huge and wonderful adventure. So blessed and so grateful!


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