To the Girl on the Street Who Smiled at Me

I love you
You made my day today
I was driving home after a long and exhausting day
I saw you walking on the street
How old are you? 13?
You looked young
You glanced up as I was driving by, made eye contact and smiled straight at me
At first I was surprised
Are you smiling at me?
But then it hit me
... and I thought
You are smiling at me...
... and my heart began to glow and a smile broke across my face
You weren't afraid to give a piece of yourself to me...
...a random stranger.
Bless you
You are beautiful and special
Never allow your courage to dampen
Keep smiling
Shine them big
I prayed that you will remember this moment after we return to God
So you will know, and see, that your simple smile brought exquisite joy to my dark day


  1. Yay for random acts of kindness. :) Something everyone can do, and you never know the impact you'll have.


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