A Patriarchal Blessing Funny

When I was 16 I made the trek from Glendive Montana to Billings to receive my Patriarchal blessing.  I went with a women from my ward that acted as my surrogate grandmother, Santa Hrubes (roo-bess) and her grandson, Scott, who was my age.  Scott and I had never met before, but we were the same age, both nerds, and we hit it off right away.  We became fast best friends.  

Getting my blessing was great, but mostly I was excited to meet Scott and nurture a friendship with my first "guy friend."  My focus was on friendly flirting and appearing cool to him instead of where it should have been; receiving very personal revelation from the Lord by way of my Patriarchal Blessing.

I dressed inappropriately; in a mini-skirt, and spent little to no time engaged in prayer and contemplation in order to prepare to hear the Lord.  Yet, I didn't recognize the absence of the Spirit or my own accountability in offending Him.  I was too absorbed in fulfilling my own wants and desires.

I can see now, that Satan had his hand in this.  Satan knew that the Lord had special things to tell me and of course, he did not want me to hear the Lord.  All Satan had to do was keep me distracted by a cute boy.  It worked too.  I was completely oblivious.

After receiving my Patriarchal blessing and arriving back home that night I began the long wait to receive it in the mail.  A month went by and then two months.  Scott had received his, yet I still had not received mine.

Santa called the Patriarch and received the most puzzling news.  The cassette tape that he'd recorded my blessing on, had broke.

"What?  What does that mean?" asked Santa
"It means she'll have to get another one." he responded

... odd.  

But I went with it.  I planned another trip and received another blessing.  I have no doubt that receiving two blessings was part of the Lords plan though, because I was much more prepared for the second blessing.  I prayed, dressed appropriately in modest church clothes and had a much more in-depth conversation with the Patriarch prior to the blessing; I was more honest about my hopes, dreams and fears.

My second blessing was nothing like the first, but it was still amazing.  Even better, I received it in the mail about a month later.  

It is packed full of Heavenly Father's love and direction, just for me.
I cherish it.  
I drink it.  
I believe it.

Here is the funny part though...

I only remember ONE thing from my first Patriarchal Blessing:

"I bless you to have a good memory"



  1. It's amazing how God teaches us in such subtle and unassuming ways :)

  2. wow! What an awesome story. Was there any mention of good memory in your second blessing?

    Ironically, i was JUST thinking about this yesterday as I read mine. AND YOU GOT ONE! Unbelievable. I always wondered what it would be like to have another Patriarchal Blessing. Would it be the exact same, almost word for word? Obviously not? I would've been taken aback if your tribe had changed....

    Anyway, this whole story is just so fascinating to me.

    1. Nope no mention of the memory in the second blessing. The only thing the two had in common was my tribe. So, yes, I suppose I remember TWO things from my first blessing because I do remember my tribe. hah.

  3. I love this story :)

  4. That is so funny! Man I need a blessing to have a good memory :)

  5. Bahahaha. Dude cool story! I never knew that!!


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