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Body Odor Lessons

It's been almost eight years since my youngest son was born. Eight years since I almost died from a post c-section burst artery hemorrhage, and eight years since I visited the doctor after giving birth; terrified to disclose an abnormal physical ailment that brought inordinate amounts of shame.

It was probably a week after my hospital stay. Things were settling in at home, baby was doing great and I was on the mend. Still, there was something that was bothering me. My body had developed quite the case of body odor, and I was devastatingly ashamed of it. Even though I showered multiple times a day and wore copious amounts of deodorant and body spray, nothing seemed to rid me of the stench.

And who wants to talk to anyone about such a thing? Even to my doctor, whom I trusted, I didn't want to say a word. Still, I had to, because I couldn't continue the way things were, and I knew that he was my best option for diagnosis and treatment.

So at my next appointment my doctor ask…

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