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The Importance of Spiritual Hydration

So, I landed a new job that I have come to absolutely love. But it's a desk job and with a desk job comes long sedentary hours that, if I'm not careful, will lead to even more unwanted weight gain.

Gratefully, I work near and with some really inspiring people.

My friend, Michelle, is a total health nut and actually works right upstairs from me. We go out to lunch together every week and we hit all of these cool and trendy healthy places.

Turns out they actually have really yummy food. Who knew?

Spicy Chicken and Ancient Grains Core Life
And then there's Kevin. He sits directly in front of me and he's also a total health nut. That kid doesn't eat anything unhealthy. Blows my mind. Crazy enough, he's a world renowned unicyclist.

At first, their examples brought on some shame as I compared my unhealthy eating habits to theirs. But I quickly kaboshed that and decided to allow their example to inspire me, instead.

For starters, I bought a big water jug and have chall…

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