Journal: Writing For the Future

So I have had some thoughts lately about my blog that I just want to voice...

I have 50 draft posts.  Is that a crazy amount?  I don't know.  When I told my husband his eyes about popped out.  They just keep stacking up!  Most of them are 'educational' posts... you know, about things like Triggers, Pride Cycle and Mapping Cycles etc... things that I want to write about and teach but seem to keep getting back-burnered.  Writing educational posts aren't really all that 'fun' and sometimes I feel preachy writing them.  

BUT... they are IMPORTANT.  Let me tell you where I'm coming from.

I'm not just writing this blog for people who might run across it today, tomorrow or in a month or a year.  I'm writing this blog for those who will find this blog after I die.  I'm writing it for my own grandchildren and their grandchildren and anyone else who might come across it between now and the moment I help usher the Savior in on the morning of the first resurrection.   So I don't want to just write about my own feelings and struggles.  I want to get some educational stuff up here that will help people with the nitty gritty of recovery.  I feel such a strong impression from the Spirit to write.. "keep writing, write write write"... which I love to do, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's a bit overwhelming.  

It's sort of funny.  I remember when I first started blogging I was terrified I was going to run out of content.


That is soooo funny now.  I have come to realize that the Lord will NEVER let me run out of content.  In fact let me tell you about this next little project He has lined up for me.

I while ago I wrote a blog post called Whisperings of the Adversary where I detailed many of the lies Satan has told me to keep me stuck in addiction and isolated from recovery.  I had a sister suggest that I counteract each lie with it's truth because many times when we are midst the swirling fog of the lie we really can't determine what is truth.  At first I was going to just simply state the truth, the opposite of the lie.  But that seems weak and shallow.  Then I was going to create a spreadsheet and add thoughts and scriptures to dispel each lie.  But somehow I felt like it would get lost that way.  I felt like it still wasn't enough.  So I sat on it for yet another significant period of time.  And then it came to me.  I'm to write each lie as a blog post.  I'm to break the lie down and combat it with the light of truth.

So the new series will be titled "The Lies" and I will work to compile my own experience, quotes from our leaders and scripture to dispel each lie.  

This obviously is a huge undertaking and will keep me busy for a while.  

I also welcome lie suggestions.  I have a healthy list to start from but if you have anything specific you'd like dispelled I'd like to hear it... because if you are hearing it, so are others.

I am also setting a goal to start digging in on writing and publishing my draft posts.  Some are as old as my blog!  Sheesh!

Anyway.  I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what is to come!!

Much love to you all!:-)


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