The Lonely Shopping Cart

It was 1996'ish.  I worked as a server at Coco's restaurant in Torrance California.  It was late at night by the time my shift ended, probably midnight or even closer to 1am.  I didn't have a car at the time and so I would walk home after each shift.  On this particular night it was pouring rain, so I bundled myself up and began my trek home through the neighboring Mervyn's parking lot.  I'd made it about half way through the lot when I happened upon two shopping carts, sitting side by side, their front wheels strategically placed up on a curb by customers conscious to not let them roll away.  Fortunately there was a tree right next to the same curb so the carts were snuggled together, sheltered from the rain, and safe under the tree.

It warmed my heart...


I walked another twenty feet or so and noticed a lone shopping cart out in the middle of the parking lot all by itself.  I immediately felt this wave of sorrow for this lonely shopping cart but despite my feelings I walked right by it and continued home.

I didn't get far...

After another 30 feet or so I stopped.  I turned around and eyed the shopping cart, alone in the cold rain.  I glanced passed it and saw the two shopping carts together under the tree and thought to myself "it sure would be nice for that lonely shopping cart to be with it's friends."

I stood there for quite a while consumed with inner conflict.  On one hand I knew it was stupid to move the cart... I mean... it's a shopping cart!  A complete inanimate object!  It has no feelings!  But the logic could not penetrate and dispel the sorrow I was feeling for the stupid lonely cart!

I was sunk...

I walked back and with determination I moved the shopping cart under the tree with it's friends.

It felt good and I was satisfied:-)

A couple of years ago I ran into the following video and about lost my head laughing so hard.  I have found comfort in this video, for it proves I'm not the only one that feels sorry for inanimate objects!



  1. I just love you:) I seriously felt bad for the lamp and then just about dies laughing. I am seriously laughing hysterically and crying. You made my day.

    1. Hahahah that's awesome. I'm so glad:-) I laugh everytime I see it. It kills me haha... my family still makes fun of me for moving the shopping cart, I'm sure I'll never live it down... but I'm still happy I did and that's what matters:-)

  2. While I love to tease you about this it just shows that even all those tears ago before recovery and hope you were still a deeply caring person who had great compassion for things that were lost and alone.

    You've ALWAYS been that person. :-)


  3. Oh my gosh!!!! It's not often I literally laugh out loud! What an unexpected ending!!! Hahah

  4. I am crazy with you. I assign feelings and gender to inanimate objects quite often.

  5. Lol! The whole time I was reading this, I was thinking, "I've got to show her the lamp commercial!" and then there it was. :) hilarious!!

  6. Oh, someone take the poor lamp out of the rain! -Stacey

  7. Hahaha! Sid, thank you for giving me an amazing laugh! I cannot wait to show my husband when he gets home. hahaha! You're awesome!


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